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  1. Man, I haven't been on here for a while!

  2. Hey guys my Friend is Makeing some Dubstep remixes come listen to him at http://mixlr.com/gyluss-stephan-hutchens/stage

  3. How is everyone?! =D

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    2. Sora96


      Very good, how're you?

    3. M.Aqua


      @Sora welcome ^-^

      @Sora96 I'm good as well


    4. M.Aqua


      @Sora welcome ^-^

      @Sora96 I'm good as well


  4. I would love to join but I'm not good at recording my stuff. I have a friend who is very good at remixing. I can play percussion, and piano ( I haven't played in years thought) But I can't promise that I'm able to do this, but I would love too though!
  5. Great~.. now i have to buy the Ps4... =_=

  6. *fangirling* just got FF 13-2 X3

    1. RoxSox


      It took me 45 seconds to realize that the "X3" was an emoticon and not an extension of the games title... I was like "They made ANOTHER FF13?"

    2. M.Aqua


      lol Well there are coming out with FF 13-3 and there is an FF 14 that I heard about today from a super fan of the FF.

  7. As long as it is a good anime i'm fine with it.
  8. Hey! welcome Sky, have a great time on here. i cant wait to read your manga on KH gen.X. I bet it will be good. talk to me anytime you want/ you'll make a lot of friends on here.
  9. *today* Woohoo~~ first day out of school! AHH just got to love summer break... * in June* i miss everyone i want to go back to school T^T ( to only see friends)

  10. Holy cow I have been on here like forever! TT_TT how is everyone?

  11. Man they look good and freakin AWESOME!!!
  12. Any good animes or live actions?

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    2. M.Aqua


      wow seriouly!

    3. Shulk


      Yeah, I've never had anyone actually say that to me, but I've seen it before... People these days... :P

    4. M.Aqua


      ya ik lol =D

  13. M.Aqua


    Welcome to KH13! chat with me anytime! =D
  14. Rainbow bash, fluttershy or twlight
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