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  1. Happy two years on kh13!

  2. Finally watched all of the Naruto episodes, next up Shippuden!

  3. I just released three new songs! Please check them out and help a fellow member out! Make sure to spread the word once you hear it. Thanks Hear and follow CarpeDiemOverEverything on #soundcloud

  4. New song called Fear releasing soon...

  5. Started from the bottom, now we here...

  6. I've had mine since the March of 2010, I had a 360 at the time since the release in 2005 but I got the PS3 in hopes for a Kingdom Hearts 3 or Collection but I fell in love with mine and the trophy collecting and I don't regret it at all. I advise it for you console gamers, you won't be disappointed.
  7. Does anybody play in any of the ESPN Fantasy Basketball leagues?

  8. That awkward moment when you see your cousin on *cough heartless-phil cough*

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    2. Col.Random


      not everyone gets along perfectly with their cousins Nikos

    3. Shera Wizard

      Shera Wizard

      My cousin is just 3 years old 8D





      I'd be Mind=blown when I see that.

    4. KingofH3ART


      I love my cousin to death hahaha, he's even like a brother to me. It's just thst when I was on in May 2011 I introduced him to this site and my buddy Destati's little stories she used to write and he loved them so I knew he was going to make one later that day. It's awkward that though eleven years old, he's more active than me a 17 year old lol. I saw him in the little Who's Online area.


  9. It seems like nobody that got on the site last year comes on anymore. C'est La Vie...

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    2. KingofH3ART


      True, but i'm referring to people who I actually interacted with on here during my short tenure. I came back and they've all been inactive for months...

    3. Nick Sideris

      Nick Sideris

      Oh ok....If you want anything to ask or just chat send me a message .

    4. KingofH3ART


      Thanks, i'll take you on that offer sometime.

  10. KingofH3ART

    Name The Song You're Listening To Right Now!

    Touch It by Pusha T (feat. Kanye West)
  11. I'm back! It's been about 8 months, just etting you guys know that i'm still alive. The music is looking great right now too. "Carpe Diem Over Everything" will be dropping some music soon so i'll keep y'all posted on it as we drop it. It's good to be back... ^.^

  12. Hey your b-day was a day ago so....Happy late birthday? lol

  13. Sorry for seeming to bail the last time we were chatting! The sound that plays when someone sends a message didn't work for some reason! And I was drawing, so that sound was what I was waiting for to look at the screen..turns out the volume was turned down too low -_-''..sorry if you thought I just ditched you...