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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.
  1. We might never be certain until it is fully shown to us, there has to be a reason the Fortellers are so similar to the main characters. Meaning is of grave importance. Small details matter.
  2. Well, what's strange to me is if Ventus is the player, who is Gula? & Because Ventus split into Vanitas, and Vanitas bears the form of Sora, who might just relate to the Master of Masters due to him being pride, and Vanity is another word for Pride, also the Superbias also relates to Vanity surprisingly. Strange, stange indeed...
  3. Who wants to help me brainstorm? I almost feel Sora in my story is similar to Trunks, going back in time to warn about Master Xehanort. Maybe, Sora did the same thing Xehanort did, and walked towards them before Xehanort even showed up. Also, what would explain the capes on them? And the monster behind Terra?
  4. No, no I understand this all completely. I am not basing anything on what it is now, I am basing it on what it could of been. I believe Normura created these concepts for a reason, seriously, what if Sora timetravels in KH3... That picture yes...it is a concept for Xehanort, but it really mirrors Soras features a lot. There seems to be a connection there, as well as the monster defeated at the begining of KH2 Secret Ending, it was cut. But what if... That is what interests me dearly. I want to put all lost concepts and put it into a fan manga. I always enjoy alternate storylines of plots. Anything is possible with Kingdom Hearts come on now. First rule of literature of writing to me is never dismiss hints and secrets, and say they are useless, everything has meaning. Lol
  5. I have a lot more to discuss, like Sora being also The Creator of The Fortellers. Xehanorts name rearranged is Aethon, which is a name reconstructed from Greek Mythology, an epithet for Aither, Aither often wrestles with a Lion Diety, and this would be Sora, because his concept form was actually a Lion Human. Here we have the Ram, Leopard, Snake, Bear, Wolf, Unicorn, and Lion
  6. My theory is that there are two seperate timelines in Kingdom Hearts, one with Young Xehanort corrupting time, and the other another way. You see, Roxas looked so old in Kingdom Hearts 1 FM Secret Ending, because this might of been Ventus nobody, basically Ventus joining Org 13, it would be the only logical explanation. You see, the deleted content from these games might of been the timeline before hand. In the Kingdom Hearts 1 Beta Footage, It says Save Sora, and we have to protect him and such. There has to be meaning to that, it is because Sora read Xehanorts Secret Research and began to repeat the similar trails leading him to timetravel to BBS Timeline. There, we see Sora coming at the end, The Mysterious Figure in Kingdom Hearts 2 Secret Ending. The Blue Lightsaber Wielder is Sora. Either he has to time travel to fix things, or something else. But, clearly there is something interesting here.
  7. Roxas was captured by none other than the hands of Riku and DiZ. What if Roxas found a way to escape, and teamed up with Axel without rejecting him? What if he decided to find a way to absorb the complete soul of Sora? And how does Data Twilight Town connect to the Data World in Recoded hmm...
  8. How funny, hehe And yes I believe I am. Does this make me crazy...probably. I just meditate and find truth from that. If you pay enough attention to things you'll find out a lot of stories based on mystical swords, and chosen ones are based off of Arthurian legend. I basically see connections. I am not going to get offended, I am going to try my best not to get angry, I just wanted to see if the meditations and visualizes coincide with each other, because I have tested it dozens of times, and the accounts are so similar. I just wanted to see if I could get assistance with my research, it's so hard when everyone puts me down, I just want a person that will consider helping me or even following me.
  9. Visualize a white light within you glowing bright. This brightness will cleanse any negativity, and bring ease to tensions in your body. Breath in, breath out, breath in, breath out. Now visualize this light forming into shapes of which vibrate areas of your body with frequency. Then imagine falling deeper and deeper into relaxation. Then you look down at your body, and see your surroundings and rise high to stairs in the clouds, go up these stairs,until you reach for the door of light, and there inside is Sora, and ask him questions like, how many spirits/souls he has, how he connects to other anime characters, how he connects to egyptian mythology, and other things you want to ask.
  10. Ehh..... such a tiring mood I am in when the fire of my rage persists, but I am not angry for Kingdom Hearts!! My research is important to me, it can change the world!!
  11. Sorry, I am overeating It's just when I ask people on here to visualize something incredible and they consider it, then they block me without telling crap to me, it really rips apart my dedication...
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