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  1. Thank you, VanitasTheBest. Now I want to see a remake of Kingdom Hearts II for PS3, it would be awesome.
  2. After finishing KH3D a lot of clues about the future of the saga appeared. - They will try to prevent a new keyblade war, to make it, the 7 lights must oppose the 13 darkness. - The seven lights must be keyblade wielders. - Kairi and Axel are keyblade wielders too. - Possibly each keyblade wielder have your respective princess, this explains why Snow White appeared in the Sora station on the beginning of Kingdom Hearts. - Terra, Aqua, Ventus, Xion, Roxas and Ansem the Wise must be rescued by Sora as the secret movie of Birth By Sleep sugests: each one of them says "Sora", then appear "Where they wait for him...". Now, I have two questions: 1) The 13 darkness will be composed by Xehanort in different forms? 2) Kingdom Hearts 3 will be developed after the development of Final Fantasy versus XIII. So, will take a time until the release of Kingdom Hearts III. Is there any chance of they release other Kingdom Hearts game meanwhile? If I wrote anything wrong or forgot something, please correct me.
  3. I think that Nomura wants Sora becoming a keyblade master in the next saga. Would be better for the story.
  4. I don't know, but I'm pretty sure that a driver gauge would be much better
  5. I guess that Sora have his examples of failures. Let me explain: Ventus looks like Sora, but in another life. And he failed about saving Terra and Aqua, failed too about defeating himself, Vanitas. In another life as Roxas he failed about saving Xion and Axel. Sora have Ventus's heart and Roxas inside him, one more proof that figuratively Roxas and Ventus are Sora, and as Sora he have to save all the others.
  6. What a shame! How many times have we seen Pinocchio in Kingdom Hearts? Three times already. There's more animations from Disney than Pinocchio.
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