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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.
  1. I still don't under stand, does Ventus use the kingdom key?
  2. Well what about when roxas is holding two kingdom keys are they his and xion's or his and ven's?
  3. Is their just one kingdom key, because i've seen xion, roxas, and sora wield the kingdom key and i am confused as to where it comes from.
  4. I probably should of researched this before i posted this...
  5. If i'm not mistaking Roxas was able to use two keyblades because Xion became a part of him(i may be wrong). So if that first statement is true than shouldn't Sora be able to use 3 key blades in 3D? Sense their's Roxas's, Xion's, and Sora's.
  6. By the mission it says DONE in gold letters, but under some of them there are blacked out keyblades under the DONE sign and i have no idea what that means.
  7. I can't stand the mission where you have to follow pete around.
  8. YMPancakes


    I hope she lives
  9. You seem familiar...

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    2. YMPancakes


      No it's smigma...

    3. PillowHead


      In that case I would like to apologize, I thought you were someone else. Professor Kao.

    4. YMPancakes


      That name just makes me want to hit you.


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