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  1. Generation 2 because you get to play through johto and Kanto and collect 16 badges instead of just 8
  2. Because he's a douche bag now I used to just ignore him but he's just such a douche bag now
  3. The girl from Pokemon black and white 1, and aqua
  4. Supposedly 2.5 is supposed to come out early because for 1.5 they lost the data on kh1fm at least that's what I heard
  5. It was great I got kh3d Pokemon x a new longboard and tickets to see escape the fate January 24th
  6. kanto: the original Johto: power of the unknown advanced: lucario and the tree of life sinoh: giritina and the sky warrior unuva: don't have one all suck haven't seen the genesect one yet
  7. my birthdays tomorrow and this is the best early birthday present. I've always wanted to play kh2 final mix
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