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  1. Hey everyone now for those of us outside of the US we may have some hope at getting that collectors edition with the figures in our country. Recently it was spotted on the Australian JBHIFI website but only lasted for a bout an hour before they sold out of their limited stock. As seen in the attached image. I find this a bit weird as square said exclusively at the square online store. But I guess it is a good thing as we can hope other retailers open up pre orders for it.
  2. Okay somthing nuts just happened. I was on the JBHIFI website looking at the delux edition and when i was searching through the website after typing in KH3 the KH3 delux edition with the figures was listed for XBOX One. I then was like wait what? and i searched to find the PS4 version but once i left the page i tried to find it again and it wasn't there. So i think either it won't be a exclusive to the square enix store for long or JBHIFI accidentally listed it and took it down ASAP all i know i rang them straight after and they couldn't find the listing and said it may have accidentally been put up but are not sure.
  3. Just wanted to remind everyone that the kingdom hearts pop vini figures are available at EbGames Australia. And they are currently selling limited stock of the NY ComicCon Halloween town Donald and Goofy for 25 bucks each.
  4. HAHA yeah im aiming to do a lets play of 0.2 , first a no death lets play then critical mode
  5. Cool Playthrough of KH3D!!

  6. HI Everyone! I have decided to make my own gaming youtube channel, which will feature LetsPlay's, Walkthrough and much more, of a variety of games. But seeing Kingdom Hearts is my favourite video game series ill be starting with KHHD, KH0.2, and KHXBackCover!!! I hope to grow my channel and make sure i'm giving my viewers the best, greatest and most wonderful entertainment possible!!! This may not be your thing and i respect that But i would love for you to have a look and hopefully you like what you see,, and if so it would be great if you would subscribe Thanks a heap https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVlv6vhMTPE6DbN7m9z-tVQ Also if possible, could you please let me know what games you'd like to see me play in the future? Thanks Again!!!
  7. Lol I just finished watching it but as I was watching they must have taken it down cause it now isn't there. Lol I got to see it just in time
  8. Two words in the first image is frog battle and the second trophy the only word I could translate was Key blade
  9. I hope for new world's. New gameplay. A demo for kingdom hearts 3 in 1.5+2.5. A story trailer. But for all we know the news could be just a tweet saying kh release date coming at e3 lol
  10. Hi everyone! i have been playing FFXV, which i absolutely love so far! But i can not figure out how to use the summon that you obtain through platinum demo, and was wondering if anyone knew when and how you can summon it? Thanks
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