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  1. Yeah I wonder at lot sometimes. I don't really know much when it comes to them and I really would like to find out something (anything) about them.
  2. Eh.. I'd probably add some more violence to it ^^; I mean, not full out gore and blood or anything. Just something more than what they already have.
  3. I started laughing and freaking out over it lol
  4. So me and my cousin decided to try out Slender. I thought people were being over dramatic about how scary it was but they weren't 0__0 It's freaking scary man.

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    2. Wickedwriter13


      I really want to try that one out. Is it any fun? Looks like from what I've seen.

    3. Hei


      Oh god, if you try Amnesia then try Penumbra as well. The tension is intense.

    4. Wickedwriter13


      I so want to play it now.

  5. WHAT? DUDE. I have no words. My mind kind of just exploded with all the awesomeness. I was impressed with pretty much all of them but the one you did of Riku was just bloody awesome >v<
  6. I refuse to go to bed. And yet I have to get up early tomorrow. ...Gosh dang it all -__-

  7. This one nearly killed me when I finally got to it I was like "...Really? They couldn't think of any better wording for this?"
  8. Thanks for all the great advice guys ") And sorry, I feel like last night I may have been in a ranting kind of mood. I'll try all of the things you guys said and if worse comes to worse I really might consider sneaking out and getting it cut all on my own ^^; Wish me luck
  9. I'm intruding and I have no picture so forgive me but I've gotta know what this is from because it's just so awesome looking 0__0
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