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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.
  1. Finally watchin Markiplier

  2. Thank you! Yeah this account is PRETTY old, I was really.. middle school'y Thank you! I hopefully won't be posting any other topics that aren't not interesting/engaging
  3. Omg, just realized the emoticons have sora crowns on them I love this site, anyway if anyone would like, you should message me
  4. Sup dude, I seriously feel weird/lame for making an introduction post and assuming anyone would give a crap but I may as well see what happens right?
  5. So, I have nothing better to do than go on a forum it seems, but honestly my love for kingdom hearts got invigorated again, just beat 1 and 2 again, I was honestly thinking of joining the KH insider forums but this account, scorned with my old selfsame douche will have to do So, hey again
  6. They didn't even have short little battle scenes, that to me wasn't allowable, re:chain of memories even had acctiom scenes, they couldn't give at least a little keyblade bashing?
  7. I enjoy it a bit as a glorified hub world, all the npcs and little things you could do were pretty neat
  8. Actually if I may, what if the "main stream audience " bashes the game cause the story is too confusing due to only playing the first and second games? Of course you can easily buy 1.5 and the upcoming 2.5 by the time it's released but what if the story just alienates most?
  9. Oh man, it's weird looking at my old posts.. hope I'm less of an ass now

  10. What was up with the black vortex thing? Whered he get THAT from .. Who i mean
  11. After looking at the rant I can see why people can hate on 3d but I have to bring up the point that a lot of fans are bitching about it because of little things like Donald and Goofy and Mickey reacting to Kairi surprised as firetruck and it not being disney enough ( I'll give you that one I just wanted jungle book in it to be honest ) And also things like the story being bullshit and such and even Sora not looking at Kairis good luck charm ( People even care about that o.o ?) - This might seem biased.. but screw it I love this game Heres a list of reasons why dream drop distance is my favorite kh game of all time ( I beat the final mix games too) Flowmotion: Fast and makes you feel like your on cocaine, it really is an innovation to the series really making the game flow ( PUN) better and adding a variety to strategy Spirits: I guess playing games for affinity points is a pain but it really isnt that bad with the water toy and with food, they give cool attacks and links and give good battle abilities which in my opinion helped a lot more then donald and goofy in kh 1 and 2 and the wide variety meant that most people could have their own spirit and were adorable The combat: Even though the command system is kinda extremely tiring but it was really fast pace and actually needed you to require to block and dodge and heal compared to kh 2 The start is'nt slow: Compared to birth by sleep kingdom hearts 1 358 and chain of memories, you could skip tutorials and jump ( heh .. flowmotion joke) right in to the game with no halts making you tedious things COUGH Re:Coded COUGH The connections to other kingdom hearts games kinda like the birth by sleep secret ending except the dream drop distance ending references xion and roxas and ventus terra and aqua, really enforcing the series as a whole to me The gorgeous environments of the worlds, this may seem kinda biased but if we can bitch about everything, we can love the 3d really makes worlds like the Grid look cool while the cloud areas of the symphony of sorcerery look amazing Anyway my fangasm is over ^^ I really love this game we shouldn't nitpick at it so much I mean not even kh 1 and 2 were perfect I can bring up tired complaints but hey I love every game.. well I dont know about Re:coded..
  12. Are there any stores where I could buy kh stuff? Or even Fire Emblem... I can't find any at least
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