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  1. Hey does anyone know if the total price is CAD or do I have to convert that from USD to CAD? I pre-ordered the bundle with the figures.
  2. His eyes look like Xehanort's tbh. If so then maybe the top left corner painting is an evil Sora???
  3. I already knew about those parts because of glorious Youtube thumbnails, but don't know too much about what's really going on in them. I heard about the whole "Season 2" thing but wasn't sure how it connected like that.
  4. Is it safe to watch it? I'm playing Unchained and know it diverges around quest 500 or something but I don't really wanna get spoiled you know? I saw images X(Chi)'s ending but know nothing else except for one or two things about it. Also watched Back Cover so not sure if that affects anything.
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