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  1. Xion is Sora, so she wouldn't be princess of heart. Technically, she's not really female either as different people project different genders unto her, so I'm not sure "princess" would work. It's because Namine is Kairi that the question arises. I think it would be so interesting if Kairi protected Namine who became the princess of heart. Namine is always associated with white--a pure, light color. A color that means purity; the essence of a princess of heart.
  2. Axel, Namine, Roxas, and Xion all have hearts I think. I think Roxas started with Ven's heart but doesn't need it heart anymore if he has his own. I also think that his heart or feelings and Sora's need to "combine" since they together "make up one existence", according to Namura.
  3. Whatever happens, I agree. I want a proper ending for Roxas, Namine. Axel was very close to Namine in the novels too, so I always like their friendship lol. It was like big brother/little sister. Of course it's the novels, so I don't know if it will be translated to the game (though the final mix was added scenes from the novels).
  4. yes lol, but there are some who wonder why he lost MoM. As the main character, he deserves development and sometimes that means losing.
  5. He did but Nomura said in an interview it was only data Sora, so it is still implied that he needs to thank her. It could be that Kairi and Namine make up one extistance like Roxas and Sora, so by extension she could be considered a princess of heart. I think Roxas basically said in that scene with Sora that he won't be his "own" person because he is Sora; there is no distinction like Sora was saying which Roxas emphasized with bringing his memories to Sora's surface. I would imagine the same goes for Namine. But this is just speculation and an interpretation of that scene.
  6. Sora says that Axel, Namine, Roxas, and that girl (Xion) all have hearts. He feels Axel, Roxas, and Namine's emotions through Roxas's memories and when he meets XIon, he feels her sorrow and cries. So she does have a heart. I imagine she will still have a story. There's that book "the truth about Namine" and Sora still hasn't said thank you.
  7. Riku will be training her, so it's not unlikely for her to improve. Axel's going to be learning too, but no one expects him to suck lol. Though Axel does have battle experience.
  8. In that scene Roxas has with Sora, he was saying that they are one person. Sora said no, Roxas is Roxas and should be his own person. Roxas says that him being his own person, means being Sora ("that is why it has to be you"). He and Sora make up one existence and instead of trying to be like Sora, he needs to be half of Sora--equal in persona. Roxas brings his feelings into Sora's consciousnesses to emphasis this.
  9. I don't think appearance or gender matter in wielding a keyblade, but I think people just don't like Kairi having one because of her "damsel in distress" behavior in the past. It's hard to change people's perceptions of a character like that. It takes time. This is a start and people will start to warm up to it if she's given some proper, believable development (which people do not think is possible because of their perception).
  10. Namine is with Kairi right now whom we didn't see much of. I'm hoping we will see her more in the next game since Kairi will be more prominent. There's that book "the truth about Namine" that we still haven't gotten chance to read as well. Roxas says he will stay in Sora, so I'm assuming Namine will stay with Kairi, but hopefully we will see more of them before the series ends. Namine is my favorite lol. She still has things that need to be resolved as well. Namine with a keybalde? Yes please!
  11. lol I thought so, so I put it may not be as detailed as requested. I get what you mean though; I'll have to figure it out myself.
  12. Shit happens.....Kingdom hearts 3D lol jk I'm not sure if it's as detailed at wanted but here
  13. Does anyone know of a translation of the scene with Namine and Xion?
  14. I'm not sure if Roxas has completely become one with Sora after he gives him his memories. I hope not yet! I want Roxas around as much as possible lol.
  15. People don't like Kairi because she doesn't do anything...now that's she's doing something they hate her for it? It's kind of a confusing and hypocritical logic lol. Not that everyone who hates Kairi is that way, but if one doesn't like her for being useless than why be mad when she's being the opposite?
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