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  1. Its been so long since ive been on here, and the world has changed so much. KH3 is around the corner tho thank god

  2. its 12th for japan and 24th for usa right? thank god its not months apart
  3. This one is supposed to be a part of the godzilla kaiju universe, and it sets up godzilla vs king kong in 2020.
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAbI4w95cTEThis looks like its going to be the most insane Kong movie ever! AND this is supposed to be a set up to a Kong vs Godzilla movie.
  5. anyone else that different person who plays khx when eveyrone else is trying to catch pokemon? xD

    1. -Justin-


      *raises hand* xD

  6. unfortunately, the only way to stop things from happening is to face the direct source. and that source is radical islam. its honestly like the heartless in kh1. we kept having heartless battles throughout the journey all the way until we defeated the main source which was ansem.
  7. religion can mess alot up. the shooter was a radicalized muslim who had social issues and even had issues with his own sexuality. i feel like he latched on to terrorism for hope to his amger.
  8. i agree with you too, i think xehanort will try to take over terra near the end of the story.
  9. so what would you think of me as a person if i drew cartoons depicting the prophet as a pig?
  10. I live in America and I've asked many Muslims that I know if they think the Charlie hebdo attacks were right and they said yes.. It goes to show that we cannot express freedom of speech without getting attacked by extremists and then having majority of Muslims support those actions low-key
  11. al qaeda wasnt formed after the Iraq invasion.. And there is alarming rise in Muslims who supported the Charlie Hebdo attacks.. (Charlie hebdo is the group that makes fun of islam and mohammed)
  12. Question, if it isnt violent then why are so many people afraid to offend muslims??
  13. cleared up alot of my confusion... thank you. but when will we see the last update for chi?
  14. i hope they tear down that dark castle out in the great maw and replace it with some very big OP coliseum. they can make it look like the coliseum in KH3D, and make it into the mirage arena of kh3.
  15. i hope getting the ultima weapon isnt too much of a pain in the arse like it was in bbs. i want the item synthesis system back honestly.
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