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  1. Xaldin, Xigbar, Larxene, and Axel are pretty awesome to play as.
  2. Thank you for posting them all!! I cant wait to finish watching them!
  3. Pete is as dramatic as always. Awesome scene, thanks for posting it!
  4. Im sure he's thinking about it, but only has a vague idea of the plot right now. Nothing technical yet.
  5. Im still not sure if I like or hate the idea of him having a keyblade. I'll just have to wait and see what they do in the upcoming games with that issue.
  6. You will eventually be spoiled by accident. It always happens. They will find you.
  7. Ive played BBS but not 3D obviously. But just by looking at the game play and cutscenes, I think that the game play in 3D looks more fun, but the story seems more interesting in BBS.
  8. I bet it'll come out to the US in August, and I think I read that somewhere a long while back.
  9. I dont want to play as Kairi, unless she gets a new outfit thats not so pink and can actually fight.
  10. I really wish the games would stop using Pinocchio. It's getting really overused now. But I'm very happy they added Hunchback of Notre Dame. It's a new world to play in and I always loved that movie.
  11. Im starting to think that Xehanort is Voldemort's long lost cousin or something. With all the spliting of his heart into different vessels and such other nonsense.
  12. I kinda wish the game would just tell us who the 7 lights are. This is getting very confusing indeed.
  13. The Saix/Lea "fight" was cool even for how short is was. Im still not sure if I like Lea having a keyblade or not yet. I just don't want him to stop using his original weapons. I won't judge till I see what happens in the future games I guess.
  14. Such beautiful quality and no weird voices in the background!! Hope to see more videos like these soon!
  15. This bugs me too, and I hope he gets a new outfit for any upcoming games. I was also surprised that Ienzo's clothes look like they fit him when he woke up. Because I thought in the clip where he lost his heart, he was still a kid in a shorter lab outfit. But I could be wrong.
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