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  1. Once Upon A Time in Kingdom Hearts? No thank you. I love the show, it's one of my favorites, but let's keep it out of Kingdom Hearts. Now if Once Upon A Time wanted to do something with Kingdom Hearts that would be cool!
  2. It just means that you have a great taste in music :wink: In my opinion I think villains have the best songs in Disney movies! I think it's because the villains are more dramatic than the heroes.
  3. All the male characters would be like this - the few female characters would be like this - idk
  4. "Once there was an ugly barnacle, he was so ugly that everyone died, the end" -- Patrick Star The only thing I really liked from that cartoon!
  5. This is my second forum. I was pretty young when I joined my first forum. I really didn't know what I was doing, and the people were real jerks to me. That put me off for awhile. I was a bit cautious before I joined this one. After seeing how everyone was to each other, that's when I joined. It was a bit different when I joined, this site has changed, but it's still a good forum :smile:
  6. All of those movies! Being a big fan of all things Disney, how could I pick just one? but if I had to pick it would be either Aladdin or Mulan.
  7. Guys better never mess with her, she would make them cry!
  8. Italy is so pretty! Seeing how nice it looks, make me happy to be Italian!
  9. Vincent Martella, I know he voices Hope in Final Fantasy, but I think his voice would suit Sora...idk
  10. I can't wait to see this! Maleficent is one of my favorite Disney Villains.
  11. One of my family traditions is eating only sea food for dinner on Christmas Eve. On Christmas we always open gitfs early in the morning and watch the Disney Christmas Parade on TV.
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