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  1. Give me a break. "All Japanese people" don't play Kingdom Hearts. That's like saying everyone in America owns an Xbox, and is crazy for buying one.
  2. Ah, ok. I guess I was just checking to make sure you weren't some 11 year old seeking attention. Anyways, I know that the entire world tells you, "It's good to have the spotlight" or "You need to be someone", but none of that is true. Just be yourself, and most of the time, being yourself won't bring you to fame and fortune, but it's not everyone's destiny to be popular or something. You're not useless, you have a purpose. You just have to find someone that appreciates yours. And I think that everyone goes through this at some point, know you're not alone.
  3. First played would be Ocarina of Time, but first owned was Kid Icarus Uprising I think. It was so long ago though, so I could be wrong
  4. Already purchased it Ah well, I think it does though. Buying one tomorrow just to be sure.
  5. I need an answer to this question and fast. Has anyone bought a N2DS from Gamestop refurbished? I need to know if I should purchase a charger, because I'm unsure that it will come with one. Any help is appreciated.
  6. Dude, I know! It's gonna be awesome
  7. Well, never mind about this whole thing. A new 3DS just got announced today, and I is getting that one. I guess I'll buy a 2DS to pass the time though
  8. Dude. No. The 3DS is new. A new 3DS and 3DS XL were just announced in Japan.
  9. Well to some people, like me, the 3D isn't useless. I prefer it. Nah, I've tried it out. It's actually very comfortable.
  10. Well of course it's a few steps backward. That's what makes it $70-$100 cheaper!
  11. Yeah, I would like to have nice graphics of course, but at the same time I would like a big screen, especially for SSB. That'll be a killer I bet on a tiny screen. Maybe not though, as I said before, I have great eyesight. I would also like to have the ability to StreetPass easily. I'm a guy, so I don't walk around with a purse or something to hold it in, and it's obviously not fitting in my skinny jean pockets. Thanks for your feedback
  12. Ok. I've been wanting another 3DS for a while now (I sold my old one), mostly because of the new Super Smash Bros. But, I don't want another regular 3DS, I would rather have an XL. So I decide to check Gamestop just to see how much a refurb would be and whatnot, then I saw the 2DS, except the price had dropped from $129 to $99 for a brand new one. And my only problems with getting one would be the small-ish screens (I have good eyes, so that's not a problem), and no 3D. The 3D, as I have seen before, adds much more depth to a game, and makes the graphics appear to be more than they really are. I rarely ever had 3D turned off on my old 3DS, and I loved it. So my question, is 3D and larger screens worth an extra $100? Please let me know your opinions, and have a great day P.S. I'm way past the ugly look of the 2DS. Just looks like a fat Gameboy, and I'm fine with that.
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