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  1. I sat listening intently to Fiore's review of the instructions. "Okay I call the blue ones then." I then proceeded to pick a blue pawn one by one. Blueberry, Bubbles, Jeb, and Blue Badum Dedum Da. I placed my little blue guys in the starting area. Blueberry was off for college, Bubbles was going off on a journey to find himself, Jeb had his car stolen so he had to walk to work, and Blue Badum Dedum Da was running a marathon to support cancer research. Okay I had everyone's story set! But then Fiore talked about how maybe K and Eren could play play with us one day. It was so odd to visualize K, Eren, and Fiore all hundred up for a board game. Now now, I knew everyone had a life beyond what they were known for. However it was nice to see Fiore in a normal light, in person. I would love to play a game with K and Eren, but knowing what was going on... I can't blame them for being...tense. But. It doesn't mean that I'm on their side, besides I know they'll kill me on the spot if I try something. Though... Kana. No. I believe people deserve the little things in life. "Why think 'one day'? Fiore you have their numbers right? Go and call them? Kana's sure they have time for one game of sorry! Kana will be your support!" My eyes sparkled. Since I can't be part of... I should at least be nice to both sides... -=-=- I was carrying a medium box of goodies. Man it was kind of a hassle to get this stuff. I finally got home to put mister fluff ball back and feed him. I made mother dinner then went to the drop off point. But turns out it was meant to be a trap and I say meant after I only used 3 cards to take the mob down. Well, at least they still delivered. Five uniforms and in the sizes I asked. I guess they didn't really think this through. I was too deep in thought because I caught myself from tripping on the side walk. Once I caught myself I quickly looked around to see if anyone saw my embarrassing act. The only ones in the street were stray cats and dogs. So I was in the clear. The cafe was in site and I tipped my hat low to cover my eyes before entering. "Hello." I announced myself as I placed the box on one of the tables then pushed the tip of my hat up again. "I've got the uniforms and fake ids." I re-ripped the tape off the box showing off it's contents. Uniforms that look exactly the same as the ones in the capital and id badges. -=-=- I sipped on my 20th coffee. "I'm bored."
  2. I did a thing anddddddddddddd another thing enjoy
  3. I was kind of surprised how Fiore was handling all this so well. But maybe perhaps I wasn't the craziest person Fiore has encountered. It wouldn't surprise me, but if he did think I had some sort of loose screw why would he- Oh. I get it. He thinks he can kill me. Well I guess we'll cross that bridge when we get there... I obediently allowed Fiore to guide me to his room. We had small talk, "Kana doesn't know. Kana isn't a very social media person. So Kana guesses they don't see much of whats trending. And no! Fiore-senpai! Kana lived a nice house in the middle district!" But I quieted back down when Fiore began explaining these 'Pocket Monsters'. Entering his room was very different than entering Eren's room. "Wow! It's so neat! Kana can tell there are lights in this room! And! There isn't a dirty cage in a dark corner!" I took a good look of everything and spotted the drawings of guns, "Woah you can even draw guns Fiore-senpai! Impressive as ever." I nodded in agreement to myself. "When Kana was young they liked drawing a lot too. It's been a long time-" I quickly stopped my train of thought as I saw the picture frames. "Oh goodness is that a picture of your parents? They look so young!!" But I stopped looking at all the pictures once I thought that the picture of Eren was legit glaring at me. My focus was back on Fiore with the massive collection of games. "Wow Kana hasn't seen any of these before! Except these!" I was pointing at a deck of cards. "Ooooo this is so tough to choose from... Sorry Fiore-senpai you'll have to teach me how to play but can we play this?" I pointed at a box, on the side it said 'Sorry'.
  4. I'm not really sure where I am. But if I'm thinking this...thennnnnnn I must've triggered a memory of a memory about my bread and butter, in which takes me back to this thought. But then throws me into a loop of confusion as I try to figure out where I am. BUT if I'm thinking this...thennnnnnn- Huh? I felt a heavy load on my arms and looked down. Oh it's my bread and butter. Wait what is Fiore doing here? I thought he was shooting the BB gun. "Calm down." Huh? What? I was calm. I looked back down at my guns and saw part of the magazine gone. Oh. I stayed silent as Fiore explained to me how flying things weren't trying to kill me. Is he high? My thoughts were even more questioned as Fiore offered to play games in his room or play a new app. I squeezed my guns in excitement, regaining myself. "Sure! Kana would love to play some games with you Fiore-senpai!" After Fiore let go of my shoulders I scurried over to my bag and stuffed my two lamps back into the bag. Suddenly feeling relieved I jumped back up to my feet. "Kana is ready!" I exclaimed but for some reason my cheeks shifted and involuntarily I couldn't stop myself from smiling. This was odd. TOO ODD. Why was I smiling. I began to internally panic. ​Did I see Fiore as a potential 'friend'? I became really scared but...this new feeling. It didn't feel so bad. In fact I kind of liked it. And it's not like I haven't faced worse. I felt like I was starting something, but I'm not so sure what. Oh well. "Fiore... What is this... Poke...man?"
  5. I could only stand in 'fear' as Fiore berated me. I wasn't really expecting to land a shot. Actually I didn't want to, I've always wanted to miss a target. Knowing Fiore I knew he wouldn't shoot at me for missing a fake target. The feeling of failure felt nice for once. But now I think it was time to be serious for once, though... I really can't shoot any other gun besides my bread n' butter (Ppang and Beoteo is literally bread and butter in korean. Sorry I didn't get creative) the light weight of the BB gun really threw me off. But at least it gave me a chance to watch Fiore exhibit his shooting skills. And as he said he really was a great sharp shooter. "Woah! As you said Fiore! You're one of the best!! Kana is so honored!" I watched as the poor target get replaced by a fresh new target, I take the BB gun Fiore pushed back into my arms. And I did as he said, but the weight of the BB gun was making me see 5 targets. I took a shot but alas it still didn't hit. I lowered the gun and placed it off to the side. "Sorry Fiore... Kana's feeling a little sick... Kana thinks that small guns aren't for them." I leaned on the wall for a bit before taking a big breath and exhaling it. "OKAY!" I turned to Fiore, "Kana is very sorry Fiore-senpai! But Kana wants to use their own guns. Please allow Kana to do so!" I jerked my body into a low bow. Judging from Fiore's tone he didn't seem convinced that I could be capable of landing a shot. But he accepted, so I rummaged through my book bag and grabbed out my two lamps. They looked... like two normal lamps. I faced Fiore again as I felt the perfect weight becoming one with my arms. "Okay Kana is READY! Kana shall start ag-" Eight shots went off. Five minutes passed, "Huh? But Kana wasn't read-" Another 19 shots went off for at least a whole minute, then one last delayed shot was made. I stayed frozen a confused expression didn't leave my face. "Oh no. KANA DID IT AGAIN." I gently placed my guns on the floor again and backed up against the wall. Then I pointed at the target that now had bullet holes in the shape of a a smiley face on the face, and a bow tie around the neck. "THE SMILEY BOWTIE GHOST IS STILL AFTER KANA. GO AWAY MISTER GHOST KANA HAS NO QUARREL WITH YOU!!!" -=-=- (guard POV) "Wtf is wrong with kids these days. Oh MY GOD BEN." "What is it now Paul...""There's a DRAGONITE OVER THERE." "PAUL WE'RE ON DUTY."
  6. It was fun listening to Fiore boast about his skills from when he was at this 'academy'. It sounded like a fun place. I wondered what would've happened if I ended up in a place like that, but grandpa never wanted to place me in school. Actually I've never been to school. Grandpa taught me everything I needed to know. But I wondered how it would've been if I could go to a school and possibly with slim chances, be friends with Fiore. Speaking of Fiore was showing his prized Agro to me, "Wow hand made!?Kana doesn't know too many people who can hand make such perfection!" I drooled a little. Not too many people have the knowledge of making quality guns. And from taking a good peek at the gun I could already imagine the kind of damage one bullet could do. Then Fiore lead me to a beautiful array of guns. "Oh my goodness!!!! Is that a 9mm!?!?!?!? Kana never knew they existed! Kana thought it was a myth!" My eyes sparkled once again which was ironic to the emotions I displayed not too long ago. "Deagles!!!!! AND BB GUNS!!!?!?!?!? OH MY SAINT. YOU GUYS HAVE EVERYTHING." I think I spun around too much, because I found myself on the floor. "This is paradiceeeeeee." I slowly got back up, "These are so beautiful but I've got an attachment issue with my Ppang and Beoteo." I leaned back to rub the back of my head against the two lamps in my bag. "But..." I looked back at the BB gun with lust. "Maybe one or two shots with this couldn't hurt." I hesitantly took the BB gun. "I'm sowwie guys..." I began to tear up, "I feel like I'm cheating on you guys..." The man running the desk was panicking but asked me to sign my name and write the model of the gun down. Which I obediently did, "Okay let's get shooting!" I followed behind Fiore as we entered one of the shooting ranges, it was a standard one where even cops would practice at. The ones Fiore probably played with where probably somewhere else. As instructed I took a couple shoots with the small BB gun. . . . The target...was still in perfect condition...
  7. "Yea you're right... Kana has faced much worse than this!" I mean, it's true. I've forgotten the faces that I have killed. And that alone made me upset that I couldn't even respect the ones I have erased. I guess trying to make friends for once was a lot more frustrating than I thought, since most people are easily fooled by my innocent persona. But this was different, with most people I would have to give my 110% but Fiore seemed to be trying to understand me. "Thanks Fiore. Kana will remember those words as a inspirational quote!" My tears subsided and sparkles refilled my eyes. However the idea of becoming friends with Fiore was terrifying, not because of his character. In fact, he seemed to be the kind of person who would be very loyal to those he considered 'close'. Loyalty is a good trait. However I only hold loyalty for one person but now... I don't know how I feel about my 'loyalty' right now. Yui and the others are nice people but that doesn't mean K and his crew aren't nice. Well maybe except Eren... Or he just hates me, either or. Two ideals that clash, a war is bound to happen. But where do I stand? The professor hasn't done anything to me though I have 'betrayed' the group. Yet he threatened to kill us if we didn't meet up at a park... Did he find me unthreatening? I didn't know. If Fiore becomes my first friend. Then doesn't that make me and enemy to Yui and the others...? I can't develop bonds with people, it makes the job that much harder... Well technically a friend, a real friend. Would know who I was. Yea! I don't have any friends! Fiore couldn't possibly find out who I was, only one person on this earth knows who I am. But they are my family. So therefore, I've got no friends! Yes! I was getting myself pumped up, a big grin stretched from ear to ear as I figured out what I wanted to do. "Did you say there was a shooting range? If it's okay with you Kana wants to polish up on their shooting. Kana hasn't been very active with guns lately. And maybe you can give Kana some pointers!"
  8. Fiore was acting a lot less...militant? I didn't really know how to describe it. I knew I went to the freaking cafe with him, but that was for business and plus I couldn't do anything as I let Fiore get information on Yui. Though I 'joined' the capital I wasn't doing anything helpful to the team back in the cafe. And one things for sure I won't be able to go back. "Oh... That's okay Kana hopes the prisoner liked the cake then..." When Fiore advised that I ask Eren for a map I took out the piece of paper Chives gave me. "It's okay one of the servants here drew out a map of the entire place for Kana. But... Kana still got lost... You know what? Kana will probably ask Eren for a map later... Kana doesn't know if they can though, Kana is pretty sure Eren hates them." I lowered my gaze remembering the hateful gaze Eren gaze me not to long ago. "The cake? Yeah Kana made the cake. It was for Eren...since Kana thought that the sugar would give him a boost. But he DIDN'T EAT IT." I let a waterfall of tears stream down my face. But these were genuine tears since I was really excited for Eren to ease up his cold shoulder towards me. I had confidence in my baking skills since I would bake a lot for my grandpa... I think I'm feeling a bit homesick.
  9. A sincere smile took over my face as I watched Kataa's figure disappear. I looked down at my small companion. "Let's go home shall we?" I gently picked up the fragile white poof and placed her into my front pocket. Then dug into my back pocket to grab a carrot chip. I handed the small treat to the bunny watching as it furiously grabbed the chip from my fingers. "I'm glad I brought you today Jieun." I said as I reached into my fedora to return the four ace cards into my deck. I placed the deck into my other pocket and walked towards home. I glanced at my small bunny chipping away at the carrot chip. Then reached into the pocket that had my phone and clicked on the contact name, 'He owes me'. "Hello? Yes. It's me. Remember the favor you owed me?" A nervous voice cracked from the other side of the line. "Haha don't worry. It's nothing too big." -=-=- I raised my fist into the air and released a big breath. I lowered my hand and slumped over my desk wrapping my arms around my head. "I did it..." "Mamoru?" My body involuntarily jumped from my swivel chair. "Y-yes Sir?" "Oh sorry I didn't mean to frighten you. You were staring at that empty screen for about 3 hours without typing anything. Did you make a discovery of some sorts?" "Something along those lines Sir... Maybe I'll so you the final draft later." "I would be delighted." He turned to leave, and as he left I tried to calm my heart. "Was that really all you think of Mamoru? A couple of PHDs and all you could think of was 'YOU SUCK ;3'?" I curled up into my chair, "I can't face anyone anymore, not even my nephew. He's only 5 and he can think of something better than 'you suck'." I stayed in fetal position for awhile...
  10. "Oh MY GOODNESS. KANA FINALLY FOUND YOU." I let out a loud sigh before falling on to my knees. "Kana tried following you because Kana needed to ask to something but then Kana found Kana IN THE OTHER SIDE OF THE CASTLE." I let out another sigh but trickled in a bit of whining at the end. But I got back up, "Sure Kana wouldn't mind hanging out with you. Kana didn't even know there was a shooting range here. And Kana hopes your shoulder gets better. WAIT I TOTALLY FORGOT TO ASK YOU MY QUESTION." My eyes shot up at Fiore. "DID YOU EAT KANA'S CAKE?"
  11. I haven't seen Kataa this depressing before. I didn't really know how to handle with people who were obviously in distraught. I only thing that has cheered people up before is... But that was with kids... Uh. And Kataa seems like the kind of guy who doesn't care for magic tricks. Though I was a poker player I took the time to play with cards in a different manner. It would amaze my mother when I... I grabbed the tip of my hat. "Hey Kataa bear with me for a bit. I want to show you a magic trick." His grimaced face only slightly adjusted to a more confused expression. "Yea... That's why I said to bear with me." I took out my deck of cards from my pocket and began to shuffle them by using the bridge technique. Something I couldn't do for years. Then I proceeded to take out the four ace cards but by only looking at the back of the cards. I slipped them underneath my fedora and gave a light shake. Then I slowly revealed a small puff ball underneath my hat. I gently scooped it into my fedora showing Kataa it's contents. Small red eyes peered towards Kataa. The little bun wrinkled it's nose and flopped it's small white ears. I glanced at Kataa's face trying to make up if the trick... Well did the trick.
  12. "Very well then." Mamoru went to go fetch the pieces of equipment from his car. Let's see... Ear pieces over there... Smoke bombs, tear gas, oh there's my Jack Frost virus. This should be enough. He closed the door of his car and pressed the button on his car keys. The rumbling sounds coming from the car subsided. With one final check that car was silent and shut from the outside Mamoru went back inside the cafe. With a small black bag that had all the gadgets Mamoru had taken out of his car. Now why did he have these things in his car? Well he was a busy man with all of his experiments and scientific studies. He would make these gadgets but forget them to put them in their respective areas. So his car became the storage room of all his 'fun toys'. Mamoru handed the bag to Antonio, as he believed that he could be trusted with his toys. "I'll leave this to you. Use them well." He placed a hand at his hip and turned to everyone else, "Well with that I'll take my leave. Good luck to you all. And do try to be safe." Mamoru took his leave to once again to go back to his lab. No one was working today so that was convenient for this inside job. -=-=- Mamoru handed a bag to Antonio which I was guessing was all the stuff he was talking about. I wondered if it was legal for him to make things that would belong in an army. But there wasn't any use in prying. "Well I guess I'll be going then. I have a few phone calls to make." I walked past the doors and saw Kataa staring at Charles disappearing figure. He looked extremely distressed. I mean a lot has happened: We kidnapped a princess, Oro became a traitor and we don't even know what he's up to, and now Yui has been kidnapped by the enemy. A lot has happened to us all. And Kataa seemed really fond of Yui though he would act the complete opposite. The entire situation seemed to bring him down. But sometimes we all need a pick me up. "Hey... Kataa. You alright there?" I hadn't talked to Kataa before but I didn't think he was a bad guy. From the outside he appeared to be a strong guy that cared in different ways. It's kind of a shame that I haven't talked to him before.
  13. "Oh Eren! Nothing much Kana was just going to check out the gardens and stuff. Kana likes looking at flowers you see~ BUT NO THAT DOESN'T MATTER RIGHT NOW. DID YOU EAT THE CAKE KANA MADE FOR YOU? DID YOU LIKE IT?" I started bawling glittery fountains of tears. Chives expression was hilarious, he was completely flabbergasted with how quickly I switched my speech patterns. This would stall me for a bit. But this was the first time Eren didn't talk to me in a cruel tone. I was just planning to ask Chives for a spare uniform, just in case. I always have my handy dandy bookbag on me, speaking of which I haven't done any maintenance on my duel lamps. I also haven't practiced my aim for awhile...
  14. I've had about... "Kana, I don't mean to sound rude but you've had at least 20 waffles." "Oh!" I quickly wiped my mouth dripping with syrup. "Sorry Charles I blanked out! I haven't had such delicious waffles before! Ah man they tasted so good~" I quickly became dissociated and losses myself within the lingering taste of waffles. "For your own safety, I'm afraid I'll have to stop there. Is there anything else you would like from me?" Charles took away my plate and began washing it with the utensils and cookery."Aw..." I grimly lowered my head. But within an instant I perked right back up. "Do you guys have a garden. Or like greenhouse?" My eyes started shimmering. "Oh yes. We do, both in fact. They're in the same vicinity. The gardeners do a wonderful job of creating a beautiful array of flowers. They also maintain and grow high quality vegetables." "Well I'll thank you in advance." "Of course, Kana. Shall we go?" ----- After a while I could hear K and Fiore along the journey. I was going to spring in and say hi like how normally Oro or Kana would do. Until well... I heard them say girl... I took a step back. In fact a couple and hid behind a pillar. Slowed my breathing and my heart rate. No. It can't. It could be any girl. But they wouldn't call any royalty that simple of a word. And for one thing also I get lost here a lot, I know the difference between each floor's contents. It can't but what if it is? If she's here. That means only one thing. "Charles on second thought, I have a favor to ask." -=-=- I admit the capital has definitely a challenge however... "The capital is very large. And although they may have a lot of security, that doesn't mean there aren't any blind spots. I'll go back to my lab and try to help you guys navigate the Capital. I'll be sure to hide my IP and such. You guys are going to need ear pieces though. I think I have some in my car though. It should be able to block anything that tries to break into our transmission. And maybe to make things easier we could test out a virus I made a long time ago. It'll keep the staff and such confused for a bit. It's just a simple chip. Stick it into anything that looks computery and it should do the trick. And I have some other goods to help you." After placing what I could do on the table I headed to my car to get the goods. This was going to be great. I had so many random creations that I had never put to use. However maybe they would be better for an army but army will have to do. Smoke bombs, tear gas, quicker tranquilizers, the list goes on. -=-=- Yui was kidnapped? I hope they didn't do anything to her... As well as her family. I couldn't imagine my mother... Well no time wasting my thoughts. "I know a guy that could give us some uniforms and fake ids if needed." I felt pretty useless I didn't really have much to offer. Why was I chosen to be in this group? I didn't think anyone knew but... 'Shimon you were meant to live, look how you help me. God gave you a purpose. Live it Shimon, do it for you mother.' My mother's words were great support to me. And it fired me up. This was going to be like a risky game of poker. But I didn't plan to lose.
  15. I ended up still getting lost. I conveniently ran into a nice maid who offered to escort me. Her name was Carla, she was hispanic, and was working in order to support her large family in the poor district. Three brothers, two sisters, and a widowed mother. I felt bad for her. Well at least I wanted to feel bad for her. In the department of 'work' that I've been in, sob stories are the norm. You become motivated to become a vigilante for those in need. I beacon of hope. And at some point it becomes quickly evident that it's not possible. That not everyone can be saved, and the most you can do for anyone is to listen to someone's story and wish them well on their rocky path. Oh I got side tracked. "Kana greatly appreciates your guidance Carla!" I smiled brightly. "You are most welcome Miss Kana." She gave me a warm smile before taking her leave. I peeked through the kitchen door and saw that no one was there. "Score!" I slowly opened the door until... "Kana are you going to cook something again?""Goodness Chives! Give me a warning at least!" "Would you like me to make you some breakfast?" "Are you free right now Chives?" "Of course, Kana. How about waffles?" "Did you just say waffles." -=-=- By the time I reached the cafe I ran out of coffee. I'll just ask Antonio for a cup of coffee. I haven't quite fed my caffeine addiction. I got out of my car. And entered the cafe. "Antonio, a cup of the blackest coffee you can give me, please and thank you." As I waited for my coffee. I could see Lovi, Kataa, and Charles were here already. Both Kataa and Charles looked grim. Much more grim than usual, and Lovi was just being herself. We were just missing Shimon and Yui. But speak of the devil, Shimon walked through the door. -=-=- "Sorry. I'm a little late." I tipped my hat. And took a seat in one of the corners of the cafe. The atmosphere seemed gloomy. Especially from Kataa and Charles. After a few minutes of waiting for Yui to come. I began feeling that something happened to her. I didn't know Kataa that well but...it was somewhat evident that he cared about her. But maybe my intuition is wrong. But I can confidently say with my poker skills, that it's not.
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