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  1. Am I the only fool who mistakingly bought the German version of these two 358/2 Days manga?
  2. Did Nomura ever touch upon whether or not Birth by Sleep will be recieving online elements? I am really anxious to know!And I think I will start with Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix since I have always wanted that legit limit form Sora
  3. If they were to put in a new form, I would hope it was something referencing Kingdom Hearts 3D or something funny like the santa costume anywhere.
  4. I h That seems like a reasonable date, however as far as dubbing goes, I think it may take at least a month or so to get all the voices for the Final Mix exclusive cutscenes as well as all the new Coded scenes. I don't think Re:coded should take too long anyway since it WAS fairly short for a game. I just dont want there to be silent scenes (those who purchased 1.5 may know what I mean), scenes that were voiced in japanese but not in english, it wouldn't be very fufilling if some scenes were just lips moving and no voice. Though I am still very excited and can't wait for my pre-order to come in.
  5. I'm not expecting anything lol. I hardly even post that much on this site anymore. But it's fun to try.
  6. I would have to give it a solid 8.5/10 for a few particular reasons: The good: They showcased games that we have been waiting quite a while to see more of. Finally all hardware was revealed. Kingdom Hearts III Final Fantasy Versus XIII to Final Fantasy XV Nintendo finally have a great lineup of titles for the nintendo 3DS and the Wii U Super Smash Bros 4 Price tags were revealed The not so good: Most of the games revealed aren't anything new at all, and not unlike anything we have seen before... For Nintendo's conference they should have had more MUST HAVE titles for the Wiiu this year, aside from next year. No price cuts were given to the WiiU or the Vita, both of which will not sell well this year as much as it may next year. Games should have been the focus point of Xbox One, Vita and Wiiu as there are great games coming out for them, none are really worth the price of the systems all together. Super Smash Bros for Wiiu and SSB for 3DS are NOT interconnectable, which is ironic as it was reveal earlier last year that they were and lastly FFXV may have been announced but no official release date was given, nor was one given to kingdom hearts III but it can be assumed it might not come out until 2021 for the PS5 (that last one was a joke.)
  7. Happy one year on kh13!

  8. It was alright. I did realize they missed a few key things but they were pretty spot on on other parts and revealed some things other might have missed. I want them to do a timeline video on Metal Gear Solid next
  9. As much as I like both those franchises I don't see how they would work. I mean Kingdom HEarts already resembles star wars in so many ways (Keyblade=Light saber, Light and Darkness=The force, Mickey=Yoda, Aqua=Obi Won, Terra=Anakin, Sora=Luke, etc) But Avengers I would say no cause Disney shouldn't have THAT much to do with Marvel stories, and as much as I wouldn't mind fighting heartless alongside Thor, Iron Man, Capt. A, and Hulk.... I would have to pass on that idea. Though I can't wait to see some kind of april fools joke about the avengers being in it. Instead they should include maybe a reference or use something like "IN a galaxy far far away" as a quote said while sailing the gummi ship or Key glider.
  10. I'll admit it I was one of the people who were like "only KHI and Chain of Memories? I'll save my money" But then I realized the perks of this: Cons: I have all these games already 358/2 Days are all cutscenes Pros: It has been completely restored Plays like KH2 Final Mix 358/2 Days is a complete story with details and journal entries, and HD remodelled cutscenes Final Mix in USA Trophies Artbook with game up for pre-order Final Mix All secret bosses Did I mention Final Mix? So yeah... I am getting this game. And if there happens to be a 2.5 then yeah im getting that in a heartbeat.
  11. I liked L from the very beginning (First thinking he was gonna be an awesome antagonist) then I grew to love what they did with Light. This show is just so good on so many levels.
  12. I have high hopes for this movie, I just hope they DON'T just take things from the game... but create a fascinating story that ties into the games story.... Or perhaps life through the eyes of a kidnapped test subject of abstergo. But either way it could be desmond as we know him in Assassin's Creed I-III or Mila Jovovich going through 5 movies focusing on nothing about the story except for 3-D visual effects and making it very bloody. I hope that doesn't happen and Assassin's Creed will be a good movie
  13. I think Lightning should have some method of going back in time (i.e: Like Majoras Mask and the Song of Time) Because really if the world ended you will probably be restored to your last save point in the game. Now I don't know a lot about this game except that Snow, Hope and Noel will be in it, Lumina looks like Serah, and Sazh I guess just dissapeared . I loved FF XIII but I hope this game ties all loose ends and actually "fixes the timeline" like what should have happened in XIII-2 (I felt like I got that game for nothing yet was grateful for the fact SE released DLC)
  14. If Kingdom Hearts III is decidedly put on PS4 in place of PS3 then I'll consider saving up money for it, until then I don't plan on going out and buying a PS4 just for Versus or Kingdom Hearts. Instead I'll wait for Square to annonuce their "suprises" this year.
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