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  1. hmm now that I think about it the new cutscenes of KH Final Mix are mostly about riku...
  2. yeah....I hope they can find a kid that has a voice that's close to KH1 sora's voice....
  3. that means.....young sora will sound like KH Re:CoM and KH3D sora? Since the game included in the HD remix is KH 1 remix(there are new cutscenes in KH 1 remix right?)....but I love his KH1 sora voice D:
  4. I still have school soooo I'm half way through the game .____. but I think I can finish it next week since I have exams this week ><
  5. it's raining 2 days straight here .___. I hope it stops coz a lot of places are flooded ><(I live in a high place so I'm fine)

  6. proud mode......it's pretty easy if you master flowmotion I rarely use commands coz I always use flowmotion =w= then when I finish proud I'll take critical for more challenge
  7. I like the drop system a lot coz of the chronological order of the story.....in BbS I sometimes forgot what happened in another character's story that's why I'm sometimes confused for me doin both of the characters story at the same time seems easier for me the only problem that a lot of people are saying about the drop is dropping in the middle of a boss fight....I don't have problems on this coz I just started my game x_x but to avoid dropping in the middle of a boss fight...I'll just drop in advance BEFORE the fight http://kh13.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/happy.png
  8. FINALLY I got my MoM :DD

  9. sometime within this week....but even though I'll get my MoM soon I can't play it that long coz I have exams next week QAQ
  10. Xiala920


    welcome to the site~ =w= I hope you will enjoy it here~
  11. ((Just like AJTREY I also live in a foreign country so I'm gonna get my MoM more or less a week after the NA release TT^TT)) it would be better if the drop system won't affect a boss battle coz for example you're abut to beat a very hard boss then the drop activates....so my strategy is to lengthen(you can increase the time until the drop right?) the drop before I fight a boss then put it to normal after.....other than that the drop system is awesome =w=
  13. Xiala920


    welcome to the site October~ By making an account in KH13 you officially sold your soul to us lol jk but seriously KH13 is a really addicting site I go here more often than other social networking sites like facebook XDD I hope you enjoy it here as much as most of us are http://kh13.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/happy.png
  14. I'd love to go but.....I live in the other side of the world welp I still gonna get the game anyway http://kh13.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/happy.png I think it's gonna arrive more or less next week
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