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  1. justin.andrade

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

    its gonna suck
  2. if you dont want to take damage it shouldnt matter your level but skill
  3. justin.andrade

    List of Commands

    i have the game guid itss not
  4. http://www.khplanet.com/wp-content/uploads/Kab-Kannon-Card.jpg print it out and use it
  5. justin.andrade

    List of Commands

    i wish ars arsolum was in it
  6. hoko monkey is harrrrrd and takes forever
  7. hoko monkey is harrrrrd and takes forever
  8. justin.andrade

    TWTNW level question SPOILERS

    i beat him at 35 on proud just have once more second chance and leaf bracer
  9. radiant garden is connected to the nobodys castle
  10. justin.andrade

    Keyblade Wielders (spoilers)

    Spoiler master xenhort says that now 2 of you lights are bcomeing part of his 13 by mean sora and ven terra is goonna be a light sora and ventus 2 for 1 the perfect 13th vessel
  11. justin.andrade

    Eraqus (barley a spoiler)

    highly doubtable
  12. justin.andrade

    Keyblade Wielders (spoilers)

    sora cant wield a keyblade if ventus is back the only reason sora has a keyblade is because of ventus so theres 1ventus 2aqua 3terra 4kairi 5mickey 6riku 7lea but its very predictable that sora will somehow get a keyblade and still be a main character terra is not longer controlled at the end of kh3d xennort is old again
  13. justin.andrade

    Eraqus (barley a spoiler)

    hes dead he was struck down and was a whole being he has no body for his hearts to go back to
  14. justin.andrade

    Incomplete Guide?

    im looking through mine right now in the boss beastery thing it says somestuff but no helpful hints
  15. justin.andrade

    secret portals?

    thank you