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  1. Leaving this site, the constant overload of attention seeking facebook-esque posts is becoming too much, barely ever see any Kingdom Hearts anymore. Goodbye and good riddance.

  2. I heard her dad's got it going off though.
  3. If people stop bringing up by mentioning how they want the drama to go away maybe it would fade away >.> yeesh seriously people. Anyway I had a seziure today and my school didn't call the ER. Bad school system. Bad.

  4. I was basically thinking the same exact thing but didn't want to get raged at haha. Thanks for saying it for me. also adding how I don't know why people always go crazy for it every year like it's some big thing when it isn't...each to their own I suppose.
  5. Nohjx


    Can't expect everyone to get along..just to be civil. Anyways cya, hope to see you back.
  6. Guys...keep calm...and let me tell you...about homestuck.

  7. I do like me a nice civil conversation.
  8. Meh..personally I don't know why Call of Duty won anything..I never got the point of re-releasing basically the same thing every year, and how everyone praises it. Good job xiii-2 though!
  9. Can someone fill me in on this "rule change?" I don't think I was on when it happened..what exactly is different?

  10. Immature drama on a website intended for people to gather to talk about a videogame. How charming.

  11. Nohjx

    Which should i get?

    I'd have to agree with what this person said. Although 1.5 won't have any gameplay for Days , and no disney world cutscenes, you won't be missing too much. Gameplay is very repetitive, story is good but like I said not much happens in the disney worlds..except Roxas learning about emotions, the famous "stick" scene, etc. So I'd wait for 1.5 just to get the story for Days..and also Re:CoM..not that bad when you get used to the cards, story is very well done as well. All and all just get Re:coded now.. not much story but in my opinion the gameplay is good. Also you could always just save your money..if Re:coded doesn't seem like your cup of tea you could just watch cutscenes online. Personally being the crazed fan I am I pre-order whatever comes out with a Kingdom Hearts title, but there would really be nothing wrong with just watching cutscenes. They're all pretty cheap now so I guess it wouldn't matter but..I'd say get Re:coded.
  12. Nohjx

    Super Mario Guy RPG (Family Guy)

    oh my god I need to watch this now