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  1. Hello people, I am feeling nostalgic. This is the first time I long back on in over 5 or so years. I can't recall. I am utterly lost at how the site works, can't recall who I used to talk to aside form one person who I called senpai. I was utterly cringey. I even have an anime list I like in my profile, like ouran host club. Was I a liar back in the day??? I never watched that anime!! I don't want to erase my profile just because it is awful but funny.
  2. hello!!!I am glad to inform you that am indeed, overlord of this planet
  3. No not really, It is actually pretty funny for someone who is not new at this site.
  4. What is that anime in your bottom picture thingy.....what is it called???
  5. Well, it is obvious he will get all 20 pieces and make the x-blade open KH and rule the galaxy/universe...duh
  6. Sadly one is in her own mind, another plain is then the rest are different, kinda hard to explain but more than half aren't I assure you.
  7. Well at least you keep them in mind. I should post them in devianart!!!
  8. Original character......someone or thing(?) you make up!!My own fictional character.....I suck at explain things, sorry!!!
  9. OC's.....I have 50!!!!!!But most are several years old.....I just love them all!!!!But so hard to remember every thing about them!!!Even harder trying to remember their outfits. But ehh, I need them to go in my fanfics.(I really should start writing more!!!)
  10. Big 100.3 DC ,best radio station ever /(^-^)/

  11. I just want any KH game or anything related to it........I want to own square enix........
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