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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. I pre ordered a copy through the Square Enix store, for a PS4, re that qualify?
  2. I got trolled the other day when a friend told me they weren't making Kingdom Hearts 3. You know who you are. You made me cry.

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    2. Queen Tery

      Queen Tery

      I was saying that. lol But, I was just messing around. No it hasn't been cancelled.

    3. KittenKairi


      D': You people are so darn mean!

    4. Queen Tery

      Queen Tery

      It was just a joke... D:

  3. Trying to collect everything in before play through seems to be keeping me busy... Even though I have had the game since the day of its UK release.
  4. Gah... I'd very much like to go back to bed now.

  5. Such a crap night. :/

    1. Y.R.P.18


      Who knows, when you wake up. Everything can be better, if not, then tackle the day and make it the way you want it to be.

  6. Kingom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance] for the 3DS is one of the better games to the Kingdom Hearts series. It has a gripping storyline and the style of game-play is extremely easy to grasp, with excellent extra features like the 'Flow Motion' and the task of collecting the recipes and ingredients for the Dream Eaters so as to make them to use in your own party. I found that the features like Flowmotion and Reality Shift abilities, and the way the Flick Rush battles, which are an excellent way to allow gamers to play with their friends, as with the Link Portals, allowing the 3DS StreetPass function to share player's challenges with each other, are played, using the touch screen to "flick" the cards up for your move, the 'Spirits' section of the menu, which allows you to take some time out of game-play in order to bond with your spirits to help them earn Link Points with which you can purchase and unlock their abilities, which in itself aids Sora and Riku in their journey all give this game a much higher level of interaction for its players, leading it to be, in my own opinion, far better than the other games in the Kingdom Hearts series for hand-held consoles. The Drop function is a good way to keep players entertained and alert to what they are doing as it allows them to switch between Sora and Riku's stories, which, although they aren't entirely the same, i.e. in Prankster's Paradise, Riku goes to different places to Sora, they still fit together really well. The mini-game now used for travelling to worlds, 'Dive', is enjoyable and something that I, personally, like to replay in an attempt to beat my previous scores. Of course, like any other game, there are things that I myself would have liked to see. I would have liked to have maybe one or two more worlds to visit, but I'm really pleased that the worlds that were there seemed to be larger, with more areas to explore, but it makes the game seem shorter than the rest. We only re-visit one world as part of the story and it would have been great to have more places to see. That being said, I love the game and I think it's absolutely brilliant. I can't put it down. The story's fantastic, you don't have to sit through all the memory scenes until you're ready, able to enter them through the 'Memento' section of the main menu, you learn a little more about the story of Kingdom Hearts, Ansem and some members of Organization XIII. For me, it gets 9 stars out of a possible 10.
  7. What about Sora chest 18 at the Symphony of Sorcery?
  8. I can't find Sora, 16, the grid. I'm in the right section but I just can't find it! Help?! Continued: (can't edit ) it says on your map that the same chest is in the same place for Riku and Sora and I have 16 for Riku but can't find Sora's
  9. I unlocked the final world at the weekend but I haven't visited it yet as I want to complete all worlds treasure-wise first.
  10. I like that the worlds are bigger, but it'd be awesome to gave more to visit that are just as large.
  11. I can't work out how to get numbers 15, 16 and 17 for Riku? -------------------- Nevermind. I managed to work it out. It's surprisingly sneaky.
  12. Feeling a little bit better today.

  13. Awesome map! I found it really helpful! Any chance you'll be able to get one for the other worlds?
  14. Oh, hello there loneliness, where have you been the last few days? :/

  15. Keep scouring the sites of Google as I've looked everywhere and still have a lot missing and I really gotta find them. If anyone finds anything then please let me know?!
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