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  1. Can't think of any other world that would make sense story-wise to appear. Maybe Mirage Arena? Lol I'm kidding.
  2. I'm having a really good time with FFXV so far

  3. I've started to really hate KHUx lately..

  4. I hope we get some Final Fantasy based outfits in KHUx.

  5. I wish it just a little easier to get more jewels. I always miss out on those cool medal packs.

    1. Isamu Kuno

      Isamu Kuno

      Fill out the survery and ask for Daily Jewel quests to be made permanent. Who knows, maybe they'll listen.

  6. I've already played through the original FFVII years ago. But I definitely will be picking up the remake!
  7. Definitely The Incredibles. Toy Story 2 is a close second for me
  8. Really glad all the KHUx missions cost only 1AP. I can finally play w/o time restrictions

  9. Wheres the link that says KH 0.2 gameplay is about 3 hours or something

  10. I finally have the entire FFXIII trilogy for Steam. So happy

    1. Sora96


      Go enjoy those amazing games by Motomu Toriyama and his team!

    2. Soravids


      You're in for a treat.

  11. Congrats on the winner for Temple of Osiris! I would like to try my luck on Life is Strange Ep. 1
  12. Very generous of you to do this! Lara Croft & the Temple of Osiris is what I would like to have.
  13. Been awhile since I've been on here. Sup guys

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