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  1. I like how the foam keychains series 3 keychains we're supposed to come out in December, but yet there's still no word on them. They announced series 3 before series 2 was even out. Seems like they're just getting ahead of themselves.
  2. Spotted a box of the KH mystery minis at my local GameStop. Scooped up what was left of the box. Checked my Hot Topic, but didn't find them and I work at Toys R Us, so they aren't there yet either, but you might want to check at your GameStop. Your welcome.
  3. Please tell me I'm not the only one that thinks his zipper looks a lot like the Unversed symbol. Like what? I don't see how he could be related to them or Vanitas for that matter, but there could be a connection. There are also Unversed symbols on some of the packages in the mail room of Traverse town in DDD, but that's irrelevant.... I think.
  4. Gotcha, thanks! How about No.30: Connected. I forgot about that one. Something about the secret in the mirror tied to the mysterious rocks.
  5. Didn't see a thread for this, so I'm making one. The only objective I'm not getting is No.15: Ice Breaker. Says to freeze at least 5 heartless and shatter 5 of them. Worded a little weird, but seems straightforward nonetheless. What am I doing wrong? Anyone else have this issue? I don't get it.
  6. You could be right. I'm sure Disney gets to decide a lot of what goes into trailers, but maybe not. I'm going to do my best to avoid kh3 trailers, I'm already kinda bummed I know about 2 brand new worlds. I just want things to be surprising, but news is so scarce that people have nothing better to talk about, so when news is released, it's all over the place. Here, YouTube, Facebook. It's basically unavoidable. You could be right, but I suspect Luxu. I love how the other Foretellers dont even bring him up as a suspect, as if he's some kind of saint. He may not have a tome of prophecies or whatever, but he could still betray them.
  7. I feel you, it's really annoying. I feel like movies are especially bad about this. I feel like I've seen the whole movie, just from watching the trailer. We didn't even get any answers we were hoping for, like if Aqua gets saved, the supposed traitor that was the whole advertisement for back cover and we got trolled about the box, BUT thank god they explained how Mickey lost his shirt in the realm of darkness. Another KH title, giving us more questions than answers.
  8. I loved the experience of 0.2 Birth by Sleep, but I feel like the trailer shows to much, I feel like nothing was a surprise. Sure it's only like a 2 hour game, but really. I'm going to try to avoid further KH3 trailers, cause I'm tired of world's and other things being spoiled.
  9. Sweet. Thank you. No need to worry about the preorder theme then.
  10. They did. Sure would be nice. If not, hopefully the themes from the PS3 versions stay in the PS4 versions.
  11. 1.5 and 2.5 gave themes for all 6 titles after completion, why wouldn't they be expected in 2.8?
  12. Do you get themes for beating the games? I wanted to preorder the digital version for the theme, but I'd much rather have a physical limited edition. I feel like it would have come up by now, so probably not. They couldn't be bothered to put trophies in Back Cover, so they probably didn't make themes. I hate inconsistency.
  13. No difficulty trophies? 0.2 should have a platinum and back cover should have trophies, just for consistency, now I'm mad. Fingers crossed for one of the hidden trophies being a platinum.
  14. I am getting really fed up with YouTubers and whatnot posting spoilers for KH3 in their thumbnails just so they can more views and shit. I'm not even subscribed to these dicks, they just show up in my suggestions. I'm trying to have a fresh experience with this game over here, but you idiots who are desperate for views will post about the smallest bit of news just so we'll click on your video. Stop ruining the game for those of us that want to enjoy the game. You know who you are.
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