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  1. I Think Yen Sid is the M.O.M...Because they can both see the future plus (Yen Sid) was a keyblade wielder but can't/ won't use it...why is that? ...not only that but the M.O.M would be really old by now... Also the M.O.M said (May Your Heart Be Your Guiding Key) Which According too Goofy is what Yen Sid would say too them before a really important Adventure.... I would really like too here what you all think.
  2. khfan4life

    Have you been studying a lot during 2014?

    IM Not In School AnyMore.
  3. If anyone wants to add me on your 3ds pm me.

  4. OMG!! I Can't Wait For 2.5 and KH 3!!!

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    2. Gamerazor247
    3. Snow


      I don't even know why those corrections were necessary.

    4. khfan4life


      Thank u Snow!! thats what im saying!!

  5. add me on ps3 my psn is khfan2594

    1. Isaix


      what games do you play online?

    2. khfan4life


      cod,gta,red dead,max patne,

  6. I GOT MY NEW PS3!!!

  7. who thinks sora will become a keyblade master in kh3 ?

    1. Varnish


      I think that it is a given.

    2. khfan4life


      what if he dose and then he dies

    3. Varnish


      He will not die. Tetsuya Nomura would never let it happen.

  8. Should i get GTA 5 ?

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    2. Saber Lily

      Saber Lily

      I found nothing in it a disappointment.


      Except the inability to get a lot of money quickly like I did in GTA: Vice City Stories....

    3. khfan4life


      first off I loved GTA: Vice City Stories.. Two if its better then gta4 im pretty sure ill like it.


    4. Saber Lily

      Saber Lily

      I think it is loads better. More vehicles, better story, the characters are unique, and I hate Trevor. Otherwise, it's awesome.

  9. so i should get my new ps3 this friday or next monday!!! I CANT WAIT!!

  10. well i got my copy and i still cant play it....THIS FING SUCKS!!! =/

  11. Nothing like five days left untill KH HD 1.5 and i have no ps3 to play it on cuz mine broke on me back on Augs 3!! :(

  12. Happy B-Day Too Me Tomorrow!!! =D

  13. Really need new friends.=/