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  1. That would make perfect sense, why bother with some spoiled German weirdos if it took less time and effort to just use subtitles and menus?
  2. Yeah, the inflation of terms in the US of A is skyrocking. Next stage war is called freedom. There was no reason for beeing overoptimistic. Squeenix is notorious for odd decisions. I don't wanna bust your bubble but there is no official announcement who provides any details.
  3. You allready have the chance to play them. Okay, it is quite challenging if ya refuse to use fanmade patches.
  4. Didn't someone mention allready that Namine ain't anyone's nobody? Mentioned in the last cutscene of Re: Coded.
  5. Good boy, here you got a lolly. I can only talk about the past, which makes me feel even older among those kiddos. :ph34r: I had a strict video game oppression when I was young :angry: which made me over compensate it in my old days. <_< I caught up everything I guess. Nearly da whole Kingdom Hearts series and lots of Final Fantasy, including FFX FFX-2 FFX-2 international + last mission, FFXII, FF Type-0. :wub:
  6. If that is the way to go for ya, that's okay but forcing students to school is Schindelhuber's style since 1939 in Germany. Homeschooler, unschooler, where are you?
  7. Lots of people like steak with kidney pie. If there is a will, there is a way. Intead of whining about an release, It is better thinking about a workaround. Did I mentioned that the USA is one of the cheapest gaming area and there are lots of used games availabled? The PAL region especially europe is expensive compared to that. Take that in account if ya talk about resources.
  8. If you just sat there waiting for a PAL release, you did something wrong.Using an RGB cable and slightly altering your system with swap magic or mod chip is an inexpensive way to play imports. Especially when the US of A is one of the cheapest area in da world of gaming. People getting overexcited about the 1.5 HD Remix and I hope Squeenix has at least plans deep down the pipeline for an international release. I guess either never or maybe in the next few years.
  9. Amazing, just about $80,00 for three games. :wub: Okay you cannot understand anything story related unless you improve your japanese a bit, but I don't mind playing games in japanese. ^_^ I'm most excited about ... ??? ... how people can be excited about a game that hasn't even been confirmed as international release? :blink:
  10. What does a lot tougher exactly mean? MP rage and MP burst are a good method to handle hard enemies in KH1. Get hit and heal yourself properly. Da harder you get hit, da harder you can heal yourself, that's the way i kicked Ansem's ass on Proud difficulty and 50 enemies in the Arena.
  11. It looks like someone had the idea of a male Xion as nickname and replaced the 'i' with an 'a.'
  12. He is a walk in the kindergarden if ya know data Axel and Lingering Will. Did I mention that the same strategy for data Axel works on Sephiroth too? Cast Reflega and as long it is visible cast blitzaga imediately, then he is down in like a half minute.
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