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  1. No, no one gets the drill because you don't make any goddamn sense. All of those collections did the same "lazy upscaling", except even "lazier". You're just grasping at straws to make this seem like it's the worst shit ever and it's getting ridiculous to the point of trolling.
  2. HD collections have always been just ports to a better console. For what it is, they have actually gone above the usual "just uprez it" approach.The "lazy developers" criticism is also an annoying one that often gets thrown around for different games. Things are often done or not done the way they are for multiple reasons, but simple laziness is rarely ever one of them.It's an HD re-release of old PS2 games. You don't get an enormous budget or manpower for that.You expect features like new game modes or even making-of footage. A making of would require someone to record interviews, someone to edit all of that, devs to stop work for the interviews etc.All that takes away time and manpower and ultimately, money.You can't waste your time on that when they *really* need to step in gear and finish the long overdue FFXV and work on a completely new KH game.Tl;dr:They weren't lazy, you had unrealistic expectations.
  3. When he says Final Mix, I'm pretty sure he means FM in general, including the FM versions of 2 and BBS.
  4. You can unlock both secret movies on Standard as well, although it will be harder.You can't unlock them on Beginner, however.Another Side, Another Story:Standard:- Seal all keyholes- Rescue all puppies- Beat Hades CupProud:- just beat the gameDeep Dive:Standard:- fulfill all requirements for original secret ending- complete Jiminy's JournalProud:- Seal all keyholes- Beat Hades Cup
  5. They did not start from scratch. They reverse-engineered from a retail disc.A remake from scratch that is an exact recreation of the PS2 games would've taken a full development cycle.I know there's an interview where they said "from scratch" but that must've been a misinterpretation or mistranslation as it's obvious this is a PS2 port, not a recreation from scratch (which would be an actual remake).
  6. To say it's the worst HD collection would not be an opinion, but be factually wrong.The FFX/X-2 and KH remasters have had the most effort put into them out of all of them. I don't see how anyone could objectively say it was lazily done. To say that it would look better on an emulator is also nonsense, as the emulator can only upscale the low resolution textures from the PS2 game whereas the remaster uses higher resolution textures and updated character models from later entries in the series to begin with.If one preferred the original songs for nostalgia reasons, then fair enough. But I for one love that they went the extra mile to re-record everything in KH1 with an actual orchestra.
  7. That doesn't make any sense. We're talking about difficulty modes. Zero EXP is an ability.
  8. Yes. If I recall correctly, there are no gummi ship entries in the journal.
  9. They lost the data, but they reverse-engineered it from retail discs (it's how Bluepoint Games approach HD remasters as well, btw).If they literally remade it from scratch, it wouldn't be the exact recreation (+enhancements) as it is now.
  10. I completed the journal in KH2 and didn't do a single Gummi ship mission...
  11. Hack'n'slash games are more about combos, getting good ranks etc. imo which KH isn't.I'd actually like that over the current "X does every combo"-system in KH.
  12. Most likely it's logistical and marketing reasons that you wouldn't really understand unless you knew the current inner workings of the company or something like that.
  13. Those are trophy lists that stack, but the lists themselves have had no changes made between localizations.
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