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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. That kh3 release date will be revealed at d23
  2. Tgs on and I know right now there probably waking up and I know kh3 is delayed cause of ffxv so my question is there's still now new information for both kh3 and ffxv
  3. Tiki ended up in hollow bastion after destiny island was swalloed with darkness I mean riku
  4. You know how sora had to sacrifice himself to give kairi heart back so how is he gonna give vens heart back maybe sacrifices himself again I know aqua Is gonna wake up ven but how's he gonna get his heart back
  5. The hollow bastion world is unlocked but can't start go to it it's still undiscovered like the little ball
  6. I just finish the neverland world what next I already beat the second tournament so why the world hollow bastion isn't there
  7. Wait um confused if u preorder a copy of kh 1.5 I won't get the art book Btw already preorder it
  8. I really want 60 frame per second with ps4 graphics
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