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  1. it is confirmed because Alyson does the voice in the newest trailer, lol They would've brought Hayden in to do that for hype if she was returning True, I did know about that before posting, although the show doesn't interest me in the slightest as I'm sure a lot of people feel the same way By big comeback I was mainly meaning something as popular as KH
  2. yeah I dunno, but since she revealed the fact that they didn't even simply try to ask if she was free leads me to believe that they probably just prefer Kairi to have the same voice as Xion since it's like that in the Japanese version, but I still think this change is a million times weirder than just going with what we've grown to know and love. Plus this was going to be Hayden's first huge come back after Heroes.....I was looking forward to that... but yeah oh well, Alyson is still at least the second-best choice
  3. I myself am /extremely/ disappointed....as if losing Leonard Nimoy wasn't bad enough, Hayden confirmed that they didn't even ASK her. ...what? They seriously for some reason /want/ Alyson to voice Kairi?... I mean, she's a good voice actress for Xion for sure, but Hayden was just always Kairi to me. It doesn't make any sense to change her out of nowhere for the finale to the Xehanort saga. If anything, they should've asked Hayden to come for KH3 and /then/ think about doing something this stupid for the next saga. Because we keep losing voice actors left and right. It's almost even completely ruining the feel. It literally feels like they're just being too cheap due to how much it would cost them to hire her now. Luckily I might have something huge coming for me specifically in the upcoming trailers so for the people that know, lmao, good thing this cushions the blow a lot, but this /really/ irritates me. I was looking forward to Hayden's return just as much as Haley and David....I've been with them since the beginning of this series when KH1 was the only game of the series too, so this is a pretty huge let down.
  4. Well, that's pretty much a given, but I'm alluding to DDD's opening; do you think her absence in it was just to make the secret ending revealing her more of a surprise, or do you think it's purposeful and has more meaning than that?
  5. The coolest playlist I've found thus far~ . w.
  6. Got a pretty decent pic where it glimmers both colors~ edit - man, gold went up a lot. This ring is only 10kt white gold, started at $550 in 2011 when it was bought and now costs over $800 for the same thing pretty cool how this is my birthstone too, and that I was born on the /day/ that Square/Disney show their stuff at the panel every year; (best bd ever ) my last name is also literally the word 'Fruit' in german. and... Jared Joseph Obst Haley Joel Osment "........" idk wtF is going on anymore tbh but I guess I'll just enjoy the ride. lmfao.
  7. Thought I'd also use this as an excuse to finally show my face publicly after five years, haha. What I find really cool about the stone is that it literally really does turn completely lime green in the sunlight, and purple at night. I like how I have a little book on there too. c: I love destiny~
  8. The people who try to tell you to be someone you're not are complete snobs. In my opinion, the best adults are the fun, caring and interesting ones. us, basically. I'm 25 and still obsessed with Mickey Mouse. Always will be. it's their loss; we're the ones having all the fun!
  9. ^ Right, plus Ray Chase, the guy who voices Noctis voices MoM in KH too anyways haha
  10. Oh yeah. Yeah it does make it seem like he's gone... Although at the same time, he got killed as an adult, so maybe that was just foreshadowing the future event, and maybe Nomura could use the excuse that "it didn't happen yet". Just wishful thinking. x D
  11. lol we'll all need a bucket to hold our tears. For real.
  12. Ah, yup. It never showed him die at all though so how are you getting this?
  13. What, she came back to life? I'm not a huge fan of FF so I don't know that much, but what's this all about then???
  14. lol you completely misunderstood what I was trying to convey. x D You said you weren't going to include Zack because he's dead, but Aerith is dead too. So I was wondering what that contradiction was about lol
  15. I was hoping for Bowser Jr............I don't fukcing get why he's NOT a character when they use him as one in other games all the time. >: O That's the one thing that SERIOUSLY pisses me off about this game. Even though I'm still going to obsess over it
  16. LOL - Sora saves the world multiple times over the course of 1-2 years, still isn't master. - Kairi becomes master over the course of less than a week, tells Sora to suck it up
  17. used as a polite form of assent addressed to a woman. - Googled :[ lol
  18. Thanks for that, that's exactly what I was looking for. Btw, are you the one who used to be Megaman X back in the day?
  19. Hmm. I wonder how they'll find out she's there then. Maybe they'll just assume it because she completely vanished.
  20. I know the main reason for him going to the Realm of Darkness was to find the Keyblade that he now owns, but does anyone else think there was also another underlying reason to it that hasn't been confirmed yet? Maybe he was also looking for Aqua there, yet couldn't find her? But wait, is he or anyone else even aware that she's there? I know that it's also much more than likely for Nomura to not have even come up with any of BbS's story that long ago, but they could always add that part to it, explain it in KH3 and make it work. That'd be pretty cool.
  21. Why's that? : o ------- At topic: KH2.5. Shocking, I know. lol
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