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  1. Were you one of the people waiting for KH2 or did you join the series after the fact? Just curious
  2. I have ALWAYS wished for KH games to be darker. I can't help it; I just like dark things...and it would be entertaining to see some bad things happen in KH because having a happily ever after would be cliche as fukc. I mean I know it will end happily, I just don't want it to end TOO happily where every single person who has ever died comes back to life and stuff. That would be dumb to me, and I'm trying to say that as nice as possible...
  3. I probably wouldn't mind Thor coming into the scene because the second Thor movie was absolutely amazing. And a lightsaber keyblade would be kick ass. They might be able to include it by using the comic books just like they do with Hundred Acre Wood maybe? If they did do it, I'd only want it done THAT way. Because it'd be cool lol. But I'm not YEARNING these additions either because ONE: Yes, there are LOTS and LOTS of awesome Disney movies they haven't even touched yet. Lilo and Stitch (the bullshit they did so far doesn't even count; we want the real deal.) Lady and the Tramp, Brother Bear, Fox and the Hound, Pocahontas, The Black Cauldron, ETC. What are you talking about, "there aren't many good new disney films to choose from"? The list goes on and ON like that...... And two, I want them to put EVERYTHING Disney has to offer before they include stuff like that. Disney came first. It'd be stupid not to include every SINGLE good Disney film first before changing all together. Why? Because I'd be INFURIATED if a good Disney movie was left out and is replaced with something I'm less interested in exploring. I'll just get the damn Thor game if I want to go to Asgard. Or any of the other Marvel games.There is NO OTHER game that would let us explore a unique Disney world like KH brings us. And that huge list isn't even including Pixar, which makes the list even more gargantuan. They can make an ENTIRE new saga with new stuff that doesn't include Marvel, especially if they bring in Pixar to the scene...We aren't in a rush what-so-ever..This is why we feel the way we do. Edit: I don't mean to sound like I'm screaming; I just like to emphasize a lot. I don't think you could get a better answer than this.
  4. I basically said the same exact thing as Demyx just with a different game and a different console. Why do you only call me out? Just curious. ... And I was pretty much just saying KH3 will be a better game than the game he posted. Please don't tell me you disagree with that
  5. That's an opinion. >.> But KH3 being better than that Wii U game is literally pure fact. ...You know what I mean.
  6. I'd start expecting it at E3 from now on if I were you lol. I assumed so from the beginning; unfortunately I was right D:
  7. LOL. Funniest story...I got 30 billion richer ever since I made this thread, no joke. I was about to quit...All I had was Horns of the Demon as my best item, and everything in the MP is crazy inflated to the point that I didn't want to really use the site anymore. I sold my horns for 1 bil and bought someone's random item gens from the exchange forums for the lulz. Might as well go out with a bang and test my luck. I made around 30+ bil in items and gold combined.............Bought more because I was like holy firetruck. Won a firetrucking devil tail. THE Devil Tail. (30B alone lol. Only 2-3 others on the entire site won one.) Bought more after that with 2 bil and made an 8 bil profit. Worth 80 bil now. x D (Not EVEN counting the Bil$$$ that I donated lol) (you've never had more than a million?! send me a trade and I'll give you 100 mil if you want lol that's nothing to me) I'm probably one of the luckiest people ever to come to Gaia.
  8. lol I didn't get notified for this one either. weird. But if you ever need help with a quest, within the 1-2 bil range, I'd be more than glad to help because it's basically pocket lint and I've just been throwing billions out the past week to 20-30+ people
  9. lol I go off and on every year or so. But now I'll probably be back for good as I finally reached my dream avi. It took me since 2006 to complete...damn
  10. Sorry, did you get the trade or do I need to send another?
  11. That's amazing!!! How weird is that, that you change your profile pic to that right as I get back into Gaia and do this haha. Also, sent the trade too, I hope this helps
  12. Ehh, I think I'd rather see if anyone from here wants some help first
  13. lol it's a huge community of thousands of people with forums and games and stuff. And you have an avatar with a gold currency system with endless items to choose from. That's pretty much the gist of it
  14. I'm literally overflowing with billions of gold (my avi shows that lmao.) for playing so long, so I thought I'd donate a good amount to someone. Check out my Kingdom Hearts inspired profile!! http://www.gaiaonline.com/profiles/x-perdxxblade-x/3209435/ I mean I have items worth hundreds of millions that I'm going to give out; I have to clean the pocket lint one way or another. :lol:
  15. lol no problem dude, this is what I'm here for. And all this knowledge resulted from being a KH fan even before CoM came out for the gba, huuuuundreds of game time hours combined, beating every game in the series at least 3 times each, and reading every single interview that has ever happened since 2004 as they were released. x D But yeah you're right about Sora and Roxas being able to weild their Keyblade at the same time, since they did so in Days and CoM like you mentioned I hope you stick around here.
  16. I'm thinking they'll just do it how they did it in KH2, just more heavily and not just a crappy play as Mickey for two seconds during one boss fight kind of deal. I'm sure that the main focus will be back to SDG but hey who knows at this point.
  17. There was no possible way to answer these lightly so bear with me LOL.1) O_O I never noticed that! Very, VERY interesting...But don't worry, as I'm sure only Nomura knows the real answer to this atm since this was never actually mentioned in the series or stated in an interview. Maybe we'll find out in KH3? If it doesn't ever explain this, then sadly it's probably just because he's the main antagonist of the series so Nomura wanted him to be more...unique. Or maybe it's because he's extremely powerful so his heart looks different than most others? Hmm. Very good question. Have they ever shown one of those purple hearts after seeing Xehanort's? Maybe they just wanted to change what hearts look like in general now to that light orb. I guess only time will tell2) Roxas' first Keyblade was actually Sora's. Since he's Sora's nobody, he can summon his Keyblade. And yep, Roxas can indeed dual weild because of Ven's heart, and here's why only at the end: Because of the intense emotions and sadness Roxas felt in the result of Xion's death, it stirred Ven's heart resting inside of him which awakened the ability to use his Keyblade as well. So both of his Keyblades that he used weren't his own at all, just borrowed. If Roxas comes back he likely won't even have one anymore lol. Unless a Keyblade chooses him of course, which I'm almost positive will happen anyways. And yup again, Sora can now weild two because of Ven's newly stirred heart reuniting with him. And I'm sure the clothes thing was just so we weren't so overpowered blasting through everything with two Keyblade the whole game, although that would be badass lol. It could also be because it takes more energy and focus to summon Ven's, and forms were the best way to utilize that.3) You read all my replies? I coulda sworn that I said in one of them (along with lots of other things you might have missed if you didn't see that one) that Xion returned back to Sora, since she was literally just a bunch of Sora's memories as an entity. And I'm not really sure if she grew a heart or not; it never really says. That's what KH3 is for x D. But I'm sure she will come back. I have a feeling that this saga, and the series as a whole will have a happy ending, and everyone gets reunited with their friends in a very cheesey and cliché fashion, yada yada yada. And yup yup yup yup, Eraqus' heart is currently inside of Terra's; Nomura actually technically confirmed it. He was asked in an interview "Whose heart rests within Terra, as Xehanort mentions?" And Nomura replies with "I can't answer that yet, but after you play BbS, I think you will know." In one of the last scenes of Xehanort talking to Terra about fighting over control of his body, Xehanort actually acknowledges that Eraqus stepped foot into Terra's heart and Terra smirks. ConfirmedGlad to help x D
  18. You gotta understand everything first to enjoy/experience everything to its' fullest x D (At least for me) He also had some things that he wanted to clear up
  19. Worse. They didn't even give the bullies a TALK. They did absolutely nohing....pathetic people.
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