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  1. I wonder when kingdom hearts 3 will release? Really nervous about the final chapter

  2. I want to find who I truly am. No matter what!

  3. Always follow your heart.

  4. Kingdom hearts 3 story teams Team 1: sora, riku, kairi Team 2: Roxas, xion,Lea Team 3: Aqua, terra,ventus Secret story Team 4: sora, Roxas, ventus

  5. darkroxas 49

    What do you want for Kingdom Hearts 3?

    for kingdom hearts 3, I want to be able to obtain two keyblades from each of the games from the kingdom hearts series. that would be cool.
  6. being a keyblade master is all I've dreamed about.

    1. Dave


      But why do you want to be a keyblade master?


    2. Shana09


      To because the best robber in existence Dave. Duh.

  7. Can't wait for kingdom hearts 3.

  8. I'm in the process of finding all special portals
  9. looking for last of the link portals

  10. darkroxas 49

    Hello, fellow masters

    nice to meet u all