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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory.
  1. well its either make it online or pull of something like they did with the mission mode in the english versions of 358/2 days and make it possible/easier to do in singleplayer(Something the JP version restricted)
  2. Never played BBS but i had alot of information from previews and reviews from magazines. based on that i deceided this order: Ventus Terra Aqua This is mostly because ventus has some.."interesting" Aesthetics about him which might ease the whole transistion into the "new" cast of characters.
  3. i was wondering if this game had an option to use the JP voices instead of the English, since FM was originally made for the opposite.
  4. Actually that could make for something even better. because he can then berate his past self on things :lol:
  5. 1. The Grid (by Extension i Guess Space paranoids too) 2. Pride Lands 3. Timeless river Why those?..they are all awesome and give a vastly different experience that fit their theme without doing stupid stuff( like atlantica's QTE's or Aquatic Combat, UGH)
  6. my sister had a sora Drive form one(i'm thinking wisdom form). oddly enough we got it in an anime convention while i'm pretty sure KH has not released in any form of anime whatsoever. nice one you took btw. i wish i had that example of Kingdom key D when i tried to make my replica (the colours came out incorrect )
  7. i had a friend that looked like riku(KH1/KH:3D haircut) when he had his hair dyed. it faded quickly though so it did not last long.
  8. it does not need to add new things in general. maybe just tweak the gameplay at most (i.e. what Re:Com did). but yeah the chance of a remake in general is pretty slim, given that it would have to develop after the dark seeker saga already ended(because it would need the completed elements and engine of KH3 which i would imagine would continue to develop as they progress till production),at which point its pointless because the finale its supposed to build up to has already happend then(and the saga its in in general).
  9. kinda contradicting here. first you say "of course it would be KH DDD FM" then you say its unlikely because of the creator's quote on it. put simply you would mean that the re-release of KH:3D's would just be a remake i.e. Re:Com but then in KHIII's enviroment.. is that the gist of it?
  10. i would go with a PS3 honestly. early buyers of new console nowadays get the shaft alot. i would avoid that situation if i were anyone else here but hey. some people like to get shafted,so if you do:go for it
  11. like a few others i actually got introduced to it twice (i.e. first introduction didn't lead to anything). first time was on a game trailers DVD that came with another game my dad gave me, obviously i wanted to play KH after watching the trailer but my father was oblivious to its availability thusly my introduction to the series stopped with that for awhile. UNTIL KHII was released in NA and my friend happend to have a import copy and he told me about it. i was like 11 the first time and 14 the 2nd time. only 5 years later did i actually get KH1 on a Queen's day marketplace.
  12. Riku and Sora. Riku With his Master powers and Sora With his Friendship powers(i.e. he has kairi and donald and goofy at almost all times)
  13. makes sense. considering Sony pushes for cross-platform play(i.e. PS3/PS4 games on Vita),its not unlikely they push this to 3rd party developers as well. i'm not sure why wiiU is listed on there though. nintendo's console platform is'nt really doing so well and it'd be doubtful square can pull of an system seller with a remake/port.
  14. i think she'll be fine.besides riku is a master now, so he should have some tasks that only masters and alike can do(i'm not sure if mickey counts as master, so riku might be alone on that..). this opens up the spot for kairi as sora's back-up. her inexperience is hardly the issue here,the keyblade can lead her,like how it lead sora in KHI. also square could use here story-wise inexperience to make sense out of the gameplay tutorials(i mean another hard reset on sora is just too much).
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