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  1. lucky lol. do you own any of those just for the KH Game? while i wait for KH i'm gonna play the Dragon Age games. Full of demons, and hell.
  2. i'd prefer to play. i could play 1.5, move on to some other games and then play 2.5 whenever it may come out. would be nice if the series was more like the ratchet and clank series (all ported to the main console system). if i could download the KH titles on the PSN, I would.
  3. Welcom to the site!

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      welcome to kh13


  4. thanks for all of the quick replies based on the replies, seems like 1.5 is the way to go. hopefully, 2.5 will also be out soon, because I read a lot of good reviews of BBS. Can't wait to play the series; should give me a few extremely difficult challenges. I am curious, does anyone here own every single console that KH uses/will use (PS2/PS3/DS/3DS/PSP/possibly GBA)?
  5. Hello, I haven't played the KH series at all yet, and I am not sure if I should wait or start now. I have a PS2/3 + a pc (obviously) and a Wii. I did some research and found that each games adds to the knowledge of story, and it may not be enjoyable to play KH III without playing all the others. I have heard that they are coming with 1.5 (released in Japan already) and potentially a 2.5 in the distant future (unreleased). I want to know if I would be fine with just the games for the systems I have or should I wait for 1.5 HD ReMix + potential 2.5 HD ReMIX. Thank you.