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  1. Anybody know how much would amiami shipping be?? They never tell us.......Anybody who ordered similar sized figure(sora bring arts for example or really any other similar sized box figure) from amiami before, please tell me..........T^T
  2. But to what city is Shimomura san coming to??? It says check the above schedule but I don't see it??? I can either go to Detroit or Pittsburg but I wanna go to the one where Shimomura san will be there...and Pittsburg pre-sale starts tomorrow so I neeeed to knooooow Would it be Pittsburg since there's pre-sale there and not in Detroit??
  3. BUT ISN'T IT MORE FUN TO THINK OF IT THIS WAY?! come on, people.....have some joyful imagination in your life for once......
  4. I want to go, I REALLY REALLY WANT TO GO T^T But I'm SO far from disneyland T^T
  5. GUYS I found the proof I read the 3D novel and the raft they took in 3D = the raft they made in KH1 the novel states: "The raft that they made together on that day was in front of them"
  6. Remember back to KH1, when the strom came to Destiny Island. The whole reason why Sora goes over was because he was worried about the raft. But did he ever get to check on his raft? Nope, he was distracted with Riku being disappeared, Kairi being disappeared and appearances of heartless, not to mention the huge darkside attacking him with the fist. So what DID actually happen with the raft? My friends thought of this but..........Sora and Riku from KH3D took the raft themselves and took it out to the sea Think about it, there was no way they could've just made the raft out of no where in such a short amount of time. Sora, Riku, Kairi were all cooperating on that raft for several days I think, since Sora and Riku who travelled back to time knew they wouldn't be able to use that raft anyway (because they know what's going to happen on that night) they just took it out and stole it from their past selves XDDD I was totally mindblown by this.
  7. I would laugh my head off and then stop and then grab him by the collar and pulling him down to make him kneel before me, step his hands with my wheelchair and say what I wanted to say nice and quietly. "if you get your dirty hands on Sora one more time, you. will. pay. Leave my poor baby alone. I could already imagine all the things that I can do to you for what you've done to Ventus, Vanitas and Master Eraqus and I can guarantee that you're not going to be happy about things I can do to you."
  8. THIS That's why Sora and co gotta do what Xehanort wants them to do, gather 7 guardians so they can at least avoid the worst situation which is PoH getting kidnapped. I gotta admit Xehanort's clever........or should I say..........Nomura's real clever. He just made this situation so that Sora and co can't avoid the war.
  9. I know that!!! What I meant was, I don't think Yen Sid and Mickey would ONLY have 7 guardian of lights fight against Xehanort when they know that's what Xehanort wants. I think a lot more people will fight in this, which can possibly ruin Xehanort's plan about 7 lights crashing 13 darkness
  10. I think King Mickey and Yen sid will be like "screw 7 guardians of light, we got 8!!!!! Including both Kairi AND Lea!!" And Xehanort would be like "NOOOOOT FAAAAAIR" (dude, you got 13!! How's 7 vs 13 fair?!) no seriously, why should there be 7 guardian of lights? That's what Xehanort wants. For Sora's side, more people to fight the better isn't it? And I suppose if light side increase in number, I think Xehanort would randomly "pick" 7 people out of there and make'em clash to have his objective complete. Whoever Xehanort chooses really depends on the situation and whoever Xehanort wants.
  11. I really think this'll happen. If KHX will tie into the main story (and Nomura confirmed that it will have a tie to the main story) I think Chirishii will definiely be one of the main thing that'll be tied to KH3 (or after KH3, who knows? remember, we have more KH after 3!!!)
  12. DITTO!!! Plus what do you mean she'll disrupt the balace, Kairi grew up with Sora and Riku too you know!!!!! She knows about Sora and Riku just as much as Riku knows Sora and Sora knows Riku!!!!! She even fought alongside with Riku at one point!!!!
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