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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory.
  1. He's got a head of fiery hair and a turbocharged backpack His genius sisters use him like a lab rat A neat-freak dad at home, a super-busy mom But the boy's best friend is a talking dog Three extreme teens and an air-breathing shark Mega-action game controller, skating in the park Phero-booster, Bling-Bling, what do we make of this? Johnny Test Johnny Test This is the life of a boy named Johnny Test A day at Porkbelly is not your average day with you're a quick-witted obnoxious boy with a pair of genius twin sisters and a blabbering pooche. When extreme stunts, crazy experiments, fame and fun are just the norms, what can ruin their day? How about an insane look-alike? Suddenly, someone is reeking havoc in Porkbelly. When simple water balloons pranks and getting back at bullies turn into full scale bank robbery and city destruction who's to blame for this? None other than Johnny Test. Or is it? Rules: No swearing No godmodding Keep romance to a minimum No character controlling No bullying Original characters only All other KH rules apply To know that you read and agree with the rules please write your favorite Johnny Test character at the bottom of your character sheet. Character sheet: Name Age Appearance Gender Sex Sexual preference Personality Background Blood-type Weapon Love interest ---- Name: Johnny X Age: 1 year (he's a clone so yeah) Appearance: Gender: Male Sex: Male Sexual preference: straight Personality: He's obnoxious, energetic, silly and fun! After all, he's a Johnny clone. However, I can say he's a lot more malicious and eager to start trouble -- even if it means ruining Johnny's good name. Background: Genetically modified in a lab, Johnny X is the result of a genius scientist's creation. He spent most of his early days stuck in a laboratory behind bars. Living as a human lab rat, being poked by needles, and never seeing the fresh sunlight -- Johnny X has never truly enjoyed the free and natural childhood a boy should have. Blood-type: -o Weapon: He has super human strength. Also exploding ninja stars. Love interest: Sissy Favorite Johnny Test character: Gillllll <3333
  2. i use to be a wimp before anchor arms now i'm a jerk and everyone loves me!
  3. ew don't talk to me you loser but it's a site where you can customize your own characters idk it's pretty cute. i thought you guys would have known since ya seen others before
  4. have ya'll played with DreamSelfy?
  5. #california; or at least, where i live, just went from no rain to the hardest thunder storm i've seen all year
  6. frankly, i dislike people covering up curse words with other words (like 'fricking' or 'firetrucking') because when it comes down to it; is it the word itself you dislike? or is it the meaning? and if it's the meaning of the curse word, why use a different word and use the same meaning of the word you disliked in the first place?
  7. hahaa me too, and the yeti's name is willump. #which is why the yeti hates it's name; i mean ew?
  8. in the mean time; i have made some beautiful league of legends fanart for my ladies i was livestreaming and my friends told me to draw this
  9. aww yehh B) dudes who are in (which can be anyone): send a vid of you drawing an eye (on paper) with a stopwatch/timer of 30secs by june 20th!
  10. wait what, the eye thing? #didn't think it was really foe real
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