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  1. Hey, are we just waiting for more characters? Because if so... Name: Sydney Elliott Age: 17 Gender: female (sorry, still figuring out how to role play guys.) Appearance: Sydney has black hair that is normally done up in a side ponytail. It reaches two inches bellow her shoulder. Her height is about 5'6". She always wears a silver/black ring that appears to be made of metal and undecorated save for a slight spiral engraving. Most of her shirts are red with silver and black patterns. Dragon colour: silver Weapon(s): Two forearm length knifes, three throwing daggers. Secret ability(s): Sydney can read others intentions by looking at their face (but nothing detailed, only emotion and current goal), and place her thoughts inside of others minds (still loose control, she avoids this and it only goes one way.) Group name: wings Reason for joining this group: she seeks more power in order to protect those she cares for and destroy her enemies, the goals lined up. Your Title: Backstory: Her family came from a middle class district that was wiped out in a toxic gas spill. She and her two friends were on a trip when it happened. (Nothing else to say. Sorry.) ​Personality: Sydney has very strong opinions and ideas and is not afraid to share them, but is not exactly loud. She is an intellectual. The one thing that's important to you is: Improving Battling song: Touching moment / sad song: ​Family members: none (Sorry, tell me if the abilities are op)
  2. (Sorry, no ideas here. I figured it would be impolite to interrupt your conversation about statues and eyes.)
  3. I am as well. It will be interesting to see if he can somehow redeem Isa... Can you save someone with a Xehanort heart in them?
  4. (Sorry, I was gone for a while too. Actually it worked out well, this is about the moment I was going to bring Kage back in. Just in case I am not clear, she has been to Azami hq before, she met Esmeralda, Kana and Isaac but not Kageyama. She left because it would be easier not to work under anyone else.) Kage looked over the email again. 'Hello Esmeralda, it has been a while. Judging by the group of people with the Mekakushi Dan, the hurry they were were in, that they were headed in your direction, and the time it took them to return, I can assume that you are in need of more members. Fortunately , I need to change locations soon. As such, it is in both of our interests that I offer my services. Sincerely, Kage, Awakening'. She hit the send button. Kage would never have joined the Azami when there were so many of them, for safety reasons, but now... If all of the Azami had been loyal and alive then the car she had seen with the Mekakushi Dan would never have come back. (Warning, there is a good chance I will not have internet connection from now untill Tuesday.)
  5. Heather looked around at the Land of Departure with a sigh. Wounded warriors lay on stretchers that were beginning to fill up the makeshift medical ward. The healers hurried around between them, trying desperately to heal as many as possible. Her gaze dropped back to her own patient as she noticed the green glow of her spell fading. Almost done. One more cura finished his major wounds. There were still a few bruises, but they would have to wait. Heather turned to a woman with a deep cut in her abdomen. Managing to conceal her dismay from the patient, she cast curaga. At the rate these soldiers were coming in... No. They would heal all of them, they had to.
  6. Hi there. .w.

    1. Scattered Dream

      Scattered Dream

      Hey, how are you doing today?

  7. Unfortunately Roxas could only dual wield because he had Ventus' heart inside of him. ;.(
  8. (We shall see how long that lasts. I am bringing out Kage after this scene and she has a new batch of Mn2 O7. You know, that chemical that combusts on contact with organic materials... That might get in the way.)
  9. -Keblade Wielders Union (KWU): Name: Heather Taiyō Age: 16 Gender: female Appearance: Long brown hair (about two thirds down her back), light blue eyes, and always wears a jacket. (Sorry, no picture. ) Weapon: (Must be a keyblade. Oblivion,original keyblade,etc.) Picture Three wishes, but the gold is silver and detail coloring is turquoise.The keychain is a star outline, and she calls it Haven Star. She also cast spells, strongest being fire and weakest ice (the best she can get is a small icicle. ) Bio: Heathers mother, Iso Taiyō, was a noblewoman in the WPA. Her father Neven was a keyblade wielder. Between the two Heather received a good education and learned how to use her weapon with deadly accuracy. When Alpha was assassinated they fled to the KWU, but not before Neven sacrificed himself to let his wife and daughter escape. Now Heather fights the WPA as hard as she can push herself, and spends time using her knowledge of the enemy to make plans against them. Theme Song: -Worlds Power Alliance: (WPA) Name: Athice Delevoryas Age: 17 Gender: female Appearance: Middle length red hair, brown eyes, and has a necklace from her mother shaped like a dragon curled around a sword which is purely sentimental. Weapon: Athice uses two short swords and also has one dagger strapped to her side in case of emergencies. Long range she uses throwing needles, but a limited supply of twenty. Bio: When she was young Athice aspired to be a great warrior, despite her mothers protests that they were at peace, and she should focus on more applicable things. She put all her free time in to training, and her father managed to find a guard to help her with her swords. Her younger sister is more ladylike, but they have a good (albeit snarky) relationship. (Edit: Don't worry, I will make this more interesting as the plot proceeds.) Theme Song: Sorry for being late.
  10. (Is it the next day yet? Sorry, I couldn't quite figure it out.)
  11. I saw Sora and Axel in the school hallway today!!!
  12. I want to be an engineer, preferably in the renewable energy field.
  13. (Precisely. Dead characters revive little development.)
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