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  1. Why is it that one second I can be a social butterfly, or whatever you wanna call it, then the next lose all meaning of social skills that exists?? xD

  2. Why Texas? Why do you have to be 70 degrees one day and 30 the other?! D:

    1. TheWayToDawn


      Especially this Winter (not even winter yet, but sure feels like it at times.) It's been crazy. It's been going up to the 70s and then drops down to the 30s, then repeat. It's the weirdest thing ever. I don't remember it ever being this crazy lol

    2. Xiro


      Good ol' Texas weather

    3. Saber Lily

      Saber Lily

      Here in Central Texas; my dad's car got cold so fast condensation formed on the windows...

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  3. Why am I watching so many different covers of Disney songs??

  4. I'm either getting allergies or getting sick. Either way this is gonna suck.

  5. Oh my gosh, a rear-ending is the scariest thing to ever hear when you're on a moped D:

  6. Anyone know how to fix a headache, especially if pain killers don't work?

    1. TheWayToDawn


      I'll consider that when I get desperate lol

    2. Geralt


      Lie down and relax, turn down/off the lights, and if you have to use a computer/tablet/phone turn down the brightness or turn on a blue shade if your device has the option or an app to do so.

    3. TheWayToDawn


      That may help. Thank you :D

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  7. I need a PlayStation 4 sooooo badlyyyyy!!!! D:

  8. I get a day off of work and I have no idea what I want to do... :P

    1. VisitJoan
    2. TheWayToDawn


      xD I did not realize that I basically quoted Roxas
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