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  1. He's changed? Am I missing something? I must really be avoiding news really well XD XD
  2. My brother must be tripping. He's like "Kingdom Hearts 3 was just released in China." I was like "dude, wrong date and it would be released in Japan." His response "Japan, China, same thing." Like dude for real?! xD

    1. Tails


      Sounds like your brother doesn't know the difference between Japanese and Chinese culture lol.

    2. TheWayToDawn


      hahah literally. Love him, but I swear xD

  3. In a way, part of me kinda wished that I didn't know internet so I wouldn't know what kind of worlds have been confirmed. Buuuuut I also don't mind it cause I like knowing what I'm getting into haha
  4. Wait, I want to know by what he meant there. The guy asked "So you control Sora throughout the game?" And then the other guys said "Well for the majority of the game." Does that mean we'll have a chance to control our other Keyblade heroes???
  5. Looking to expand my playlist, shoot me with your top 3 favorite songs!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Vaude


      I have some video game tracks for you:


      Relic's Song, of Rogue Galaxy; Winter Plains, of Heroes of Might and Magic 6; and Sumer Centauri, a cover for Civilization 6.

    3. Fullmetal Keyblade

      Fullmetal Keyblade

      Today I Saw The Whole World- Pierce The Veil

      Battle Born- Five Finger Death Punch

      Say It Ain't So- Weezer

    4. Espio


      Ali edwards Devil trigger (DMC5)

      Don Diablo Cutting Shapes

      Tiësto & Dzeko ft. Preme & Post Malone - Jackie Chan

  6. I'm planning on recording KH3 for my channel and omg... If he dies I'm gonna riot lol He's been my top favorite since I've played the series when I was seven years old and twelve years later, he's still my favorite to this day. Just thinking about it is making me want to cry.
  7. As much as I love that Riku got his first car. I gotta say the pirate in me is loving the POTC Keyblade <3
  8. I can't believe I've been apart of this site for five years :O It's insane!!

  9. It feels like every time I crawl out of sadness and feelings worthless. Something in my life just drags me back in which makes me have to battle again... I just wish my life would give me a break...

    1. Iris


      I know how you feel.

    2. EchoFox23*


      You're not alone, I feel like I jinx my life whenever I become legitimately happy and notice I'm doing well...

    3. KeybladeMasterBalo


      Life is like that but we often focus on the bad stuff and not the good that comes along or after which is also important to keep a balance

  10. Why am I so obsessed with Detroit: Become Human?!

    1. Vaude


      Because you are an inclined Detroiter android who is very much desirous to become a homo sapiens! That or it is a good game. Either/or.

  11. I was thinking about that the other day when I rewatched the DDD scene in that round table/chair room. I kinda found it odd that he's still wearing an Organization XIII coat, even though he's acting like he's done with it. Wouldn't you think he'd throw it off? To get his self away from it.
  12. I don't know if I'm the only one thinking this, I know it's not seriously important to the story plot, buuuuut. When's our boy Lea gonna get a wardrobe change?! There's no way he's gonna be in that coat forever, I mean come one! He's a whole person now! Let the guy express himself, instead of being in an Organization XIII coat! Unless it'll somehow assist the story line, which I'm not completely sure how it would, but for real. He needs a change too! For real though, I can't be the only one thinking this, right?!
  13. Honestly I wouldn't think so. But they already surprised us with not one, not two, but THREE trailers, so who knows what they got up their sleeve? Maybe another world announcement or something. But probably not another trailer.
  14. Oooo the idea that Sora is getting deceived into thinking he's saving Roxas but instead he wakes up Ventus. That's a nice twist. Just imagine how Sora would react when he find out.
  15. I will not be having it if Nomura kills off Riku. No! No sir, not having it!
  16. When will Lea have a wardrobe change? There's no way that's his permanent look with the coat and all.

    1. Nick Sideris

      Nick Sideris

      I've been thinking that, too. They need to give him new looks. Maybe an updated version of what he used to wear as a kid .

    2. TheWayToDawn


      Honestly, I feel it would be rather lazy if they didn't give him a wardrobe change. Unless it will play into his roll. But I still feel like Lea deserves more than an old coat.

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