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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory.
  1. Well I don’t know because I have not seen the rankings for them so unless you see it in the lux rankings I can not say if they are hacking or not but I could make a account to check but I could maybe believe there are hackers if they are beating unicornis constantly
  2. Square Enix North America needs to fix the ranking system in kingdom hearts Union cross because there are hackers in the top 10 at least in unicornis but no one wants to complain about this but I have video proof and a photo that shows them cheating unless they can prove to me other wise I will voice my complaint to them at the fan event because I love this game series and if you want to see more proof look at cybotheawesomes video thank you for reading this
  3. Okay so crazy idea what if Vanitas is going to be one of the vessels for the thirteen hearts of darkness now here is why I say this in KH 2.8's trailer we see the Ventus/Vanitas go in to one of the seats plus every one has wondered why we saw Vanitas behind young Xehanort but he could already be a part of them and he was just in hinding reforming this could explain the lingering spirt of Vanitas and this is either a back up plan made by Xehanort or Vanitas now this is just a theory but I believe Vanitas will come back very soon so please support or critize to your hearts content
  4. Ok then why don't they just say they need more time plus the images are already used once so why not use them again and why those two of all people that is why because they couldn't be important just because of them being in the dandelions there has to be something bigger but also this is just a theory and I was just noticing somethings but if Square wanted to make those cutscenes I would just put in the code make these people wear this instead of remaking all those senses with them in it plus they could chose way more basic models to make us not confused but hey if my theory is right then don't ever think little like oh a game company is being lazy this is Square we are talking about
  5. Ok so why I think the player could be the Tome Of Prophecy is because he/she has dreams of many places of importance like the meeting and other thing that are going on another thing is why is Maleficent care about the character so much and a final point is why do we take the place of Skuld and Ephemera could it be we are like data Riku in KH re:coded well those are just some of my thoughts please give me some more proof and we could make this big
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