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Will Morrison

[spoilers] Could Vanitas be the last vessel of the 13

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Okay so crazy idea what if Vanitas is going to be one of the vessels for the thirteen hearts of darkness now here is why I say this in KH 2.8's trailer we see the Ventus/Vanitas go in to one of the seats plus every one has wondered why we saw Vanitas behind young Xehanort but he could already be a part of them and he was just in hinding reforming this could explain the lingering spirt of Vanitas and this is either a back up plan made by Xehanort or Vanitas now this is just a theory but I believe Vanitas will come back very soon so please support or critize to your hearts content

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Considering he was already a Xehanort vessel in Birth By Sleep, as seen with his yellow eyes, he's an obvious candidate to be a member of the Seekers of Darkness. We can even see his keychain in the chess pieces of the KH3 E3 2015 trailer.

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