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  1. Finally got my hands on KH 2.5 hd remix <:

  2. Gotta love, hate and obsessive relationship with Chain of Memories. #guilty

  3. The evil Mickey conspiracy theory for KH3 has really been getting to me..

  4. Roxas is Jesse McCartney. Jesse McCartney is Roxas.

    1. Keyblade Guardian

      Keyblade Guardian

      And who is Ventus?

    2. ashewee


      Ventus is Roxas who is also Jesse McCartney. Lol, totes forgot about Ven. :c

    3. ashewee


      Right?! I'm getting into those Nami x Rox fanfics where Roxas serenades Namine with Jesse McCartney songs, ahh. <3

  5. It's almost 2 AM over here, when's KH 3 comin out

    1. Snow


      KH3 is a lie

    2. ashewee


      life is a lie


  6. Haven't been on kh13 in 5ever.

    1. Skai


      I haven't been on it since 6ever.

  7. The Mortal Instruments was sucha good movie *w* Anyone who hasn't seen it yet, you should!

  8. I know kh is about friendship and all but c'mon guys.. Sokai NEEDS to happen

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    2. Varnish


      'Axas'? Is that the same as AkuRoku?

    3. Philip Ellwell

      Philip Ellwell

      Axle + Roxas. ( Told'ya not to ask )

    4. Oblivion16


      SoKai is gon happen dont worry brah ;)

  9. My patience for Kingdom Hearts 3 omg can't contain

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    2. Varnish


      I can wait. I hope that some new information comes in soon, though.

    3. Gamerazor247


      My patience for Infamous 3...

    4. Philip Ellwell

      Philip Ellwell

      My patience... gone.

  10. I kinda wanna get KH 1.5 now.. I haven't fully finished KH or KH com now that I think about it.

  11. So I'm hearing KH3's release date is in 2015? Aw shit. I know what I'm getting after I graduate.

    1. Oishii


      That's the rumor, but isn't confirmed :)

    2. ashewee


      I'm hoping! I heard Nomura should release FF XV by next year and he'll have a lot more time finish developing KH3 :D

    3. Shana09


      It's a theory more than a rumor. I had a similar theory as well. A KH game is going to be released every year, KH1.5 in 2013, KH2.5 in 2014, and KH3 in 2015. FFXV should be released in 2014 so then Nomura could completely focus on KH3.

  12. read a ton of sokai fanfics to make ur lil heart melt WHOA, WHOA, WHOA. How'd you find out it was coming out in 2015?!
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