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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. I like the fact that, while it’s definitely not an easy task and a long shot, Nomura is still open to and acknowledges that the roster of worlds that KH can choose from had expanded with the addition of Marvel and Star Wars. Nomuras a smart and cheeky guy though, I remember him wearing a Stark Industries shirt to one of the KH fan events. Plus, Square technically has the license to make an Avengers game already. It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch for Nomura to ask if they could include Marvel in KH.
  2. While it's great that Akio Otsuka can do such a good impression of his father, I'm still fairly disappointed we couldn't get a more Leonard Nimoy-ish sounding actor in English. Rutger Hauer was serviceable, but very distracting compared to the growling voice we've grown used to.
  3. Still, it's obvious that quite a few things were cut. Not least of which is the Mysterious Tower being a playable world.
  4. I hate when Square just has these lying around but only release a couple for promotional reasons, or release them all but in really low scale like those 1.5 renders of S/R/K.
  5. Yeah, despite Nomura's hyping it up, it doesn't feel like much has happened with regards to either the English or Japanese versions of Union Cross.
  6. It’s either going to be a story DLC ala KHIIFM where they add in cutscenes in the main story or it’ll be an entirely new package and called like Episode: Xion or something.
  7. Sure would be great if these were released in English. I hate having to scrapbook my kh lore by piecing it together from fan translations.
  8. This would probably be the correct starting point if Square were to begin the slow ascent of Marvel worlds in each mainline game. It's all set on one world (Earth), there's not too many places they have to include (pretty much just the Helicarrier and then New York) and the plot is pretty simple. Although I can imagine it'd be much harder to adapt something like Age of Ultron and Infinity War, though not impossible. As far as Infinity War, though, you'd have to incorporate that film into basically the entire plot of the game since killing half the population of the universe would obviously include KH and other Disney characters. Thanos would technically have to be the main villain at that point and I imagine they wouldn't want to just ride on the coattails of that movie when Nomura would like to make his own plot, too. That's probably my only problem with including Marvel in KH though, as I otherwise love the crack nature of it. Also, I'd just love to see Nick Fury's reaction when it turns out that it's not just aliens from outer space that threaten the planet, but also cartoonish demons of darkness that want to eat hearts.
  9. My cousin made this video.
  10. Yeah, I don’t know what the interviewer is talking about. Nomuras already said there will be more games, and surely Donald and Goofy will be there in some capacity.
  11. There's people in the world really playing kh3 right now huh

  12. It looks like they were going to actually expand on the Destiny Islands portion and the idea of Sora and Riku entering their dreams instead of making everything confusing from start to finish like in the actual game
  13. KH1 is alright. The CoM novel is probably the best adaptation of the story, bar none. One reason being that Sora doesn't forget every other Disney world he's visited immediately, but instead loses his memories more and more as he goes through the castle, y'know, like the narrative says. It also gives Riku some more dialogue with the other Disney villains he fights beyond Maleficent (particularly Captain Hook, which is interesting). The writing itself can be a little 'he said this/they do that', but on the whole, it's great. I'm reading through 358 right now, but I'm not really feeling it as much. There's not a whole lot new, at least in the early pages.
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