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  1. Nice! But does it have a transfer save file, like if I can transfer saves file to that of PS4? My save data I saved on were on Memory Card 1 save 05, that one for what I accomplished. That Memory Card 1 had 50 save slots, and out of them 36 is occupied. The save 09, if I recalled correctly, was a normal walkthrough on Hard (if you know it correctly, it is Expert which the difficulty is like Hard Mode). I did Hard because the normal was a bit too easy... on my first runthrough. The save file 28 was used for a perfect walkthrough (LV99/100, all weapons inculding the ultimate weapon, and more I would not list or it would be too long). Save 37 through 50 were used by my sister, who also did the perfect walkthrough (but she did not accomplish what I accomplished on the first post) For the KH2.5, I used the Memory Card 1, same as that of KH1.5, but it was different. Even if it had the same max save amounts (50), it was completely different as it was for the other Playstation. I used 26 save files, two of which I did a perfect walkthrough, 8 with normal walkthrough, and I used save file 24 for the accomplishment.
  2. I just beat at 100% this game. Yes, I have absolutely everything: items, maxed magics, etc. When I said Critical LV01 hardest I mean... I beat the KH1.5 and KH2.5 on the highest difficulty. I got all equips, but whenever I got a equip, I did not equip the new equip. So basically I completed the game with my starting equips (With Sora, same with Goofy and Donald). Also I completed the game with all magics mastered, but I did not use any of them for all the run (actually, I had to use magics in some situation because the boss or a situation kinda forces and requires me to use magic, so they doesnt count). I also used no items. So kinda I am a hardist, it was a bit easy because I completed this game like um... several times. Maybe I do learn quickly. In 2.5 I did not use at all the craft system or something where you can talk to Moogle so it can craft something for you... I just kinda stuck myself to level 1 of that for now... Promise you, this is not a lie... I did it on my PS2 and PS3, can't say I played on my PS4 because when I tried, it says it is not compatible. Wish the next release of PS, PS5, would support PS1, 2, 3, and 4 games...
  3. I'd guess this game would come out on Nintendo Switch, but only for KH3 and future KH games...
  4. When I said it, I am meaning it really. I am back after finally finding this forum. It has been a really long time, and I lost track of this forums when my old Win laptop broke. So you could say that I am finally back. It took me just one search to find this, which happened because I went on some Kingdom forums discussion on Gamefaq, which happened because I looked up Kingdom Hearts 3, which happened because I went of Gamefaqs, which finally happened because I got some motivation or interesnt (I do not know how to say it correctly) I will try my best to never forget this. Thanks you Gamefaqs for helping me find this
  5. Hey, I have a problem. For some reasons, when I try to play the game, I can't load, because it load up to fill up a yellow bar of the loading screen of KH X, and after it's filled nothing happens. I try every and nothing. Anyone happening this? I tried clearing cache, another browser and nothing. I use Firefox for that.
  6. Hello. I've really sorry for no time, I've been busy with a lot of real life stuff, so I'm back. I'm sorry. Anyway... I had 2 problems, here I'd tell: 1. Unplayble game I don't seem to be in chinese version of KH. Unfortunately, I am unable to log in because when I try to log in, it redirect me to Yahoo chinese. Could you please make a Facebook, Twitter or normal login system? That would be helpful. 2. English version Is there any english version of this game? I'm looking for that. I would be helpful to reply to them. Happy day! I really love the game!
  7. Anyone completed my game with a best record of hours (no completing the game in under 4 hours or more under for speedrun)? I've complete my game called Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded in under 16 hours. Here are the likes: HP Meter: I find it on the face of Sora. The HP meter was pretty perfect. Once I take damage, the HP should drain (showed in red bar). If I use help skill like Cure, your HP restore by filling the green bar. MP Bar: Aboustly no MP bar. Skill Commands: I like them, especally it starts with a few commands. To beat the final boss, I combine Cura and Esuna. So when using the commands I ended up a bar that reload itself. Curaga is the longest reload time. The bosses: I finished the bosses with/without deaths. I stave to rage me in Riku's boss, so I tried to crush the Nintendo DS with your hands. But I got hurt. So i changed my some commands to heal. Sorry, there is some likes. There is probaly more soon... You'll have to post what do you like (including seen below).
  8. Are you are liking KH3 or FF? The winner will be made the March, day 15! If a game you selected lose at winning, its may be arrived on the day 25 March. Do the first question before second question... But dont change the poll.
  9. i need to end up voting for KH3... or FF... CTRL + Q to Enable/Disable GoPhoto.it.
  10. When KH3 is releashed? I wa-wanna try the walkthrough. I still passed a some months and KH3 didnt releashed. What is the year? 2014? (good) 2015? (too long...) Also wah the month?
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