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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. Insofar as it made his hair white, his eyes yellow, his skin dark and other then those traits Terra already bore a resemblance to Young Xehanort, yes. Appretice Xehanort is nothing but a taller Terra with longer hair and Xehanort's colourpallete. What other physical traits do you feel Xemnas and Apprentice Nort have that Terra shouldn't retain?
  2. But Master Xehanort's heart wasn't making him super-old either. Xemnas looked 30, because the body the two were stuck in aged a decade. Sora aged while sleeping as well.
  3. I do hope they acknowledge at least some time has passed for Aqua. She says she know she's been there a long time. Even if they get a little lazy with the character models in the handhelds, I'd like her to have grown longer hair and wore down her clothes in KH3. Terra should either look like Xemnas or Apprentice Xehanort.
  4. Ansem is the one that decided to travel back in time to Young Xehanort before seeking out Riku. He was the original version of Xehanort that came up with the plan and he probably thought up before he split bodies with Xemnas.
  5. 1. Master Xehanort 2. Sora 3. The Lingering Will 4. Master Aqua 5. Master Riku 6. Terra-Xehanort 7. Terra 8. Roxas 9. Xion 10. Master Mickey 11. Master Eraqus 12. Vanitas 13. Ventus 14. Kairi
  6. Aqua is the only one that can instantly turn Castle Oblivion back into Land of Departure and retrieve Ventus' body without a hint of effort, yes. Since this is will be a videogame. Sora, Donald and Goofy needing to enter the castle, fight monsters and solve the puzzle the hard way, with the Master Key seems more likely to me. He's also the one bearing Ventus' heart and he's not yet a Keyblade Master. He needs the trail of unlocking Ventus the most. Aqua I expect will be taking back her home completely later when Ventus is awake and at their side. Not just some kids to whom it holds no greater significance. Also, Ansem the Wise and Aqua will probably return together likely with Micker/Riku/Kairi/Lea's help. Which'll be a good time for Ansem's data to become revelant. Given that Ventus is the only one that doesn't need that stuff, I expect his immeadiate problem to be solved first and for them to find that Roxas/Sora ain't doing so well without Ventus' heart.
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