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  1. I was browsing Amazon and saw that the digital code for Kingdom Hearts III is "available now," but exclusively for the PS4 version whereas the Xbox One version still says not available until January 28th at 9PM PST. Can anyone confirm if the PS4 code allows you to play right now? I will literally purchase a PS4 Pro right now if I can play the game.
  2. The answer: Yes, there are plenty of suprises in the game that definitely invoke emotion which were not yet spoiled by trailers.
  3. They did delete quite a bit, the first thing that comes to mind are the Bahamuts being present in the Battle of 1000 Heartless. I'm sure there's forums already that go into detail a bit more, but I also think that Jungle Book might have made an appearance. I know it was supposed to make an appearance in BBS, not sure about 2 though.
  4. Caius Ballad is number two, Kefka number one.
  5. Lingering Will because the Nokia's battery will die within the 5 years it took for Lingering Will to reveal itself again
  6. They're all Master Xehanorts! Pause at 2:42. It's symbolic of how he possesses each of the 12 other members.
  7. Maybe if it's bundled with the other main numbered titles in the series (think Kingdom Hearts Master Collection) and they make it a bundle-exclusive type deal, where a few keyblades, costumes, etc. come free with the bundle while the other versions have to download the additional content. But definitely no standalone Final Mix.
  8. Blizzard content heavily revolves around the multiplayer aspect of its respective game. It may be overpriced in that sense now, but if they don't add a Story Mode into via patches, the price will undoubtedly drop quickly. Right now, however, Blizzard is getting their buckets ready to milk the hype train, so I'd wait a little bit for the price to drop, or wait for a summer sale if you're a PC gamer!
  9. I know I couldn't believe my eyes! Now I'm just stuck waiting for the special days so that I can get the experience medals to level them up! The urge to pay to unlock them early is so hard to resist!
  10. Hello everyone, I haven't posted in a while, but I've recently revigorated my adoration for Kingdom Hearts through the release of Unchained X, which is one of the best mobile and thoroughly jam-packed with content mobile games I've ever played. It's a fantastic entree into the series and a perfect way to incorporate the old world before the story of the main games takes place. So today, I'm here to ask you guys, what's the best medals you've ever received from the Daily Deal or a drop? Today, I was playing and I saved up a few jewels, so I decided to buy the 600 pack which guarantees three medals, and low and behold did I get a pretty decent drop: two five stars and a four star, not too shabby. Share your drop experiences below and attach a picture if you want!
  11. Aww I'm gonna miss him. He seemed like a good guy and he was just starting to turn Nintendo around again, it's sad he won't get to witness the NX. I wonder who will be the new president now, Reggie or Miyamoto?
  12. Maybe it is and they've been tight-lipped/ intentionally deceitful about it?
  13. Honestly I would love an app that just let you view every kingdom hearts cutscene and explained the lore behind KHX, call it Jiminy's Journal and boom, gold.
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