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  1. Lukkel saw what Kolm was doing and wanted to help, but before he could speak up Henry walked and warned everyone to stay back. Lukkel was determined to help but Henry's spirits screamed for everyone to get to cover. Lukkel not wanting to risk it ran behind a rock and waited but then heard a shout and a felt a shockwave. Putting his scythe through the ground Lukkel held on to it so he wouldn't get blasted away. Quickly looking up to Henry he saw blood dripping from his hand and rushed over to him unsure of how much damage was actually done. "Hey, that was so COOL, I want to be as strong as you." Lukkel says as he cleaned Henry's hand looking for any injury. "Where are you bleeding though, I can't fi-" Before he could finish the sentence he got to his upper arm and saw all the blood. "Ok, it'll be fine, don't worry." Lukkel says as he used healing magic to fix the arm. "With the help of your spirits seems like you can do anything. I wish I had people like that where I lived." Lukkel said in a somewhat sad voice. After a bit more time of healing his arm was all good. "You should be good as new just don't put any unnecessary stran on that arm, it maybe magic, but your body will take sometime to catch up." Lukkel says with a huge grin. "Now how about we had back to the group and get ready for this fight?" Asks Lukkel reachimg out a hand to help Henry up. (Sorry Christmas is right around the corner I will try to do better.)
  2. Lukkel healed up caught up with the group, missed the conversation about who the lich is, but hearing Pang ask for help he nodded his head. Seeing the way Pang looked made Lukkel nervous as to what we might be dealing with, but hearing more about who the lich is made him sad as well. "C-Could we vanish like that as well?" Lukkel asked Winona in a worried tone as they walked to their destination. (Been a crazy week, I will try to do better.)
  3. Lukkel saw that everyone was doing vary well, he got pretty excited about the fight and happy we were winning. Hearing that the this side was almost secured he took a deep breath and charged towards the 3 aquafolk using his sythe again he always aimed to talk off the head. He swong the blade behind the neck of the enemy doing a quick pull of the scythe with his hips beheading the first one. Turning around he throws the scythe at the 2nd one and runs to the next one and using healing magic turning the undead to ash. He runs to pick up his scythe as he leaps for it he gets a deep cut in the back, spinning around he slices the next one. He starts breathing heavy from exhaustion, and he drops his scyth down as he can't lift it. Activating healing magic in his hands he does a pushs with his feet as much as he could and with a grunt he turns the last one into ash as well.
  4. Lukkel quickly saw the group gathering up and followed suit, he was enjoying every bit of the location they teleported to. As they were walking however he snapped out of his trance and heard Winona speak up, he booked it as fast as he could having his scythe ready to take down the enemy. Lukkel headed towards the right of the wall to take down the two spellcasters, he decided to use wind magic to help blow the enemy closer to him and force the to stagger and lose concentration. The two spellcasters looked towards him as he casted his spell, losing their footing Lukkel used the opportunity to slice the head off of one of the spellcasters. He accidentally swung a bit to wide and got his scythe stuck in the ground. 'Crap just my luck, got to excited and now I have to fight even closer range.' He thought has he put up his hand with padded gloves, using his wind magic he put "claws" made of wind magic at the end of his gloves ready to take the other spellcaster down. As Lukkel ran towards the enemy it casted sickness and Lukkel started to slow down as a result, as Lukkel was approaching the enemy to get in range he also got hit with a poison spell. Lukkel has never dealt with undead magic so it affected him pretty badly. Thinking quick on his feet he used healing magic to help with the poison and the sickness, cutting up the enemy. "That was harder then expected, but I need to keep moving on." Lukkel said pulling his scythe out of the ground looking to see who all needed help.
  5. Lukkel saw people walking through the portal and slowly approached it a little unsure of himself. As he looked back he knew this is where he wanted to be and smiled stepping into the portal. Upon arriving he could smell the moist air and heard the squishing of water under his shoes, "This is so cool," he said with a huge smile while laughing and running around. "My parents studied teleportation but never could get the mathematical part of it down so they kind of gave up. That is what my brother told me at least." Talking to no one in particular.
  6. Lukkel though 'It's time to get the party under way.' Walking to Winona's right ready to fight and smiling at Kolm happily.
  7. When Winona throw the purse Lukkel wasn't expecting it and used wind magic to slow it down. He took hold of it and started to head for the shops saying, "Be back in a second I know what I am looking for." He said heading for the shops but accidently bumping into a girl behind him, "Oh, sorry I didn't hear you behind me. I already have somethings in mind, I also do not know how to use a bow, but thank you for the offer." He said bluntly before heading off into the direction of the stores. Upon arriving in the weapon shop he sees the items he was looking for. Grabbin a scythe and a pair of padded gloves, Lukkel payed for the items and headed back to the group, the scythe on his back and the padded gloves on his hands. "Sorry about that." Lukkel said scratching the back of his head smiling, "I knew what I needed and grabbed them." He walked up to Winona and handed her the purse bowing his head. "Thank you for helping me, I just wish I would have come more prepared like everyone else." He stated pointing at his scythe in particular. Walking back to the girl he bows his head to her, "Forgive me of my rude first impression," Lukkel said standing back up. "My name is Lukkel, it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance." He said with an out stretched hand and a goofy smile on his face. "Always a pleasure to meet a new person."
  8. Lukkel, noticed more people join in at the job board. "Well, it's always good to have more friends. I am happy to meet you all, my name is Lukkel I just got here today, so I am still learning everything there is. It's good to have another veteran in our midts." Lukkel said tilting his head with a smile, "I sure hope we get along." Hearing Pang leave to get Galla made him a bit nervous since she lost in a fight against him, but he was sure that he can convince her to join. Lukkel followed Winona to the gate, listening to her explain everything about the gate and what it does. "I have a question." Lukkel said raising his hand "Where do we go to buy things, I don't have a weapon or anything but a set of clothing. We should go to the market to pick stuff up to prepare don't you think?" Asking Lukkel a bit worried they were about to leave without preparing.
  9. Lukkel was looking at the board shaking with anticipation. He was a little disappointed in the collecting jobs but saw the about saving the village and about leaped for joy, as he was about to speak up Kolm beat him to the punch and Lukkel smiled. "I guess great minds think alike, let's go for it. No reason to hold back."
  10. After enjoying his meal Lukkel joined into the discussion seeing the spirits he commented "You guys are so cute, I've never seen anything like you, not even my parents could come up with something like you guys, it's beyond fascinating." Lukkel then thought it was about time to prove himself after seeing all these people showing up with power beyond what he thought possible, "Hey Pang, can I check the job boards and if tou don't mind I would like you to join me... I'm ready to prove I belong here!" Smiling and getting a bit loud. Looking towards Kolm he says, "How bout it? You're ready too right?" Lightly punching Kolms shoulder and grinning.
  11. Lukkel looked over at Kolm and smiled, "Everything is fine... But you can feel the hate can't you?" He says in a whisper and a little bit serious. As he was sitting there he was swaying his head back and forth thinking of music and grinning listening to everyone around him. When he heard Pang talk about the friends that passed and looked down, before he could speak he saw the food get delivered, he bowed his head holding on to his necklace for a few seconds before grabbing his sandwich and taking a big bite. "MMMMM, Dish Ish Show Gooed." (This is so good) Lukkel said with huge smile. Swallowing he asked, "Do you guys eat like this all the time?" Looking a bit giddy hoping the answer is yes. He then noticed that a girl and a couple people were following her, "Putting his sandwich down he turned to directly face them and stood up. "It's a pleasure to meet you all, my name is Lukkel and I just got here." Pointing to his self as he introduced his name and reached his hand out for a shake. At the same time Lukkel noticed the three elementals and was in complete wonder, with his mouth a gap he was dumbfounded.
  12. Lukkel followed Winona to the cafeteria and sat down with her and Kolm, seeing the amount of people and estimating on how skilled they are. He looked back towards Kolm as he heard Kolm fascinated by the machine and was goimg to chuckle, but calmed himself when he heard that he has never seen something like that before. As they talked about the job board he ordered 2 BLT sandwiches, and a drink. He looked towards the door that Winona pointed to and wanted to check out all the jobs that were available. But, waited until after he ate since he did kind of lost everything in his stomach. As he continued to scan the room of people he wondered why they looked sad, but remembered what Winona said, he turned around annoyed with an audible "tch" and thought to himself 'These people are mad at us, that is going to get annoying real fast. It's one thing to mourn the death of a friend, but it's another to hate someone you have never met.' "Annoying" he accidently said out loud after noticing Pang arrive making jokes with Winona. "You two seem to know each other for quite sometime... Were you also friends with the six Pang?" Lukkel asked a bit curious about how Pang and the other people in the Cafeteria would react. "Oh, I almost forgot great fight Pang, I wish I would have seen the end but I... W-Wasn't feeling well, yeah sorry." Lukkel said clearly lying. (Sorry for the late post the weekend I didn't have time and Monday I had to take care of personal problems.)
  13. Lukkel rose up and saw the necklace in Winona's hand. Slowly reaching for it he begins to tear up. "Thank you... It is the most important item I carry with me, honestly it's more important than my life." He said smiling and waping his eyes of his tears. Looking at the end of the fight Lukkel is saddened that Galla lost and he missed the end, but is pleased that from what he saw Galla did her best. The question that Kolm asked was understandable as Lukkel was about to speak he cut himself off. "I want to tell you but, if you can wait I will tell you when I'm ready." He said looking crushed about not saying anything. Hearing about exploring Haven made Lukkel jump for joy, "Yeah, let's go explore I want to come too. I want to know all I can about this place, and what kind of people there are." Lukkel said shaking with excitement. Lukkel took a breath and calmed down, looking down at his hand he smiled at the jar and thought to himself, 'We are about to see more than we can even imagine brother, so let's enjoy it together.' Lukkel clenched his fist and put the necklace back on. Looking at Galla he started clapping, "Good job out there Galla, wish you had won." Lukkel shouting and waving.
  14. Lukkel calmed down after some deep breathing before his emotions went to far and headed back noticing more people were around. He looked for Kolm and Winona, heading in their direction. As he reached them he bowed as low as he could and said, "Please forgive me, I had no right saying what I said... Death is something I don't do well with and whenever someone brings it up I tend to be a bit heartless. I would like to be friends and I hope I didn't ruin my chances, please give me a second chance." He said with is head down and eyes closed as he was asking for forgiveness his necklace slipped off his neck to the ground. He didn't hear it though with the bit of comotion going on.
  15. Before Lukkel could say anything Winona walks up and as she speaks Lukkel is starring in her eyes like he can't look away. Taking her hand Lukkel shakes it, "I'm... Lukkel." He says getting his bearings and looking away. "It's a plasure to meet you." Lukkel states putting his guard up for the first time since he got here, but when Winona starts talking about paying her respects and the broadcast, Lukkel lowers his guard. "I'm sorry to hear about your friends... But, they knew the risks and had a choice. Nothing can be done now, it is all a part of life. People live, people die, and people take their place." Lukkel is talking in a cold lifeless tone he rarely ever talks in but, when deaths comes up he is reminded of his brother and grabs his shirt where the small jar is. As Lukkel hears the last part he chuckles, "So, naive avenging them, and being the woman on top won't change the fact they are still dead and other's will still die." Lukkel gets up, starting to temble realizing all he has been saying. "I'm sorry but... I have to leave real quick." And begins to run out.
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