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  1. YEAH LETS DO IT LETS BEAT HIS ASS TO THE GROUND! I never liked him anyway
  2. How could you not like that like that was one of the best 5min. of my life the water, the grass, the fire, the every thing! I have to say that it is just under E3. I i think kh3 is right you did fall right it to a trap and its not like they have mush of the story its coming out 2017 for god sake!
  3. I will sigh you contract if I really do get magical powers

  4. hi there im late to say this but welcome to the sight.

  5. hi there im late to say this but welcome to the sight.

  6. I might not have school on monday because im flooded yeah.... Wait should I be happy?

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    2. sora473


      no and I do like some school like math class and history I would say I have almost or maybe not a foot of water


    3. XionRoxasSora


      i would be happy

    4. sora473


      I dont have school today yeah

  7. Then I would go with void gear. Void gear may be hard to get for some people but you just have to have the right commands for me I had 2 cures, mega elixers, land mines, fire surge, and what ever other commands you want to use you can. I liked using the glide or super glide get you H.P high and to def. Some people like to use the shot lock but I never did but if he ever uses the lasser attack then you should I did not and I just attack and I got rekt. So if you dont want to get void gear I would go with lost memory. When I played the game on the hard modes (proud and critical mode) I never got void gear until I played it for the 2ed time then I got it but still if you dont want to go with void gear go with lost memory.
  8. I went with void gear but that depends what mode you are in. so what mode are you in
  9. what up

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    2. sora x kairi

      sora x kairi

      Hehe really like a mindReader you say haha and well i know many things but i do like the title “Like A mind Reader” it goes well lol xD

    3. sora473
    4. sora x kairi

      sora x kairi

      Haha Don't mention it Sora ;)

  10. yeah that you you dont get it and give up for a year or to.... Or is that just me
  11. I was like * hu sora died his hair wait a sec THATS NOT SORA!!!! Okay if thsi is not sora who is it becuse I want sora back not this guy that does not know what hes doing* Thats funny because i played kingodom hearts 1 i did mot know about chain of memories So I was sooo of track
  12. it takes longer then you think it took me about 3 weeks to beat the 2.5
  13. before going to fight the final boss in any kingdom hearts game I always level up to 99 Yeah I would to and I guess it is just one of those things that they just changed for... well who knows
  14. hi its been awhile how you doing

  15. why do most of the kingdom hearts games only go to level 99? In kingdome hearts 1 it gos to level 100 but after that they stoped and only went to level 99. Why is this and do you rhink it will be this way for 2.8 and 3?
  16. it is but werid but I think that you can level up ypur drives is becuse sora cant level up but drives can. That or they wanted to make it simpler but then why would you be playing that mode. Or they just did not think about that. Anyway I had to level up my drives because I would not make it past well every thing but after playing it over and over againg I did not need to use them as much sorry i should have just said yes so to answer your question yes you can
  17. wow i guess i left pairs at the right time and know i am back in good old wash... oh what great joy

  18. I was 8 when I stared paying kingdom hearts and I took about 50 trys so yeah
  19. Hay sorry I am a little late but welcome to the site

  20. welll this is werid... but I am a guys so kairi
  21. hi welcome to the site

    1. Rin


      Hi, sora473, thanks for the comment and for adding me a friend!

    2. sora473


      no prob I am always up to meting new people

  22. well its the 7thI am in paris and I might not send out messages as much

    1. sora x kairi

      sora x kairi

      Hope u have a lovely time

  23. sunday guys I just know its coming sunday (the trailer)

    1. sora473


      I have seen it already but i have to watch it 100k time before I start to get board with it


  24. words can not say how funny this is see for your self

  25. well no new kingdom hearts trailer damn I was looking to get one well better luck next time right?

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