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  1. Diane Marie

    KH 15th Anniversary Special

    A late Kh Anniversary Special doodle
  2. Diane Marie

    KH Orchestra Sora

    Sora is so adorable in his suit.
  3. Diane Marie

    Sea-salt Trio

    An old doodle I did last year.
  4. Diane Marie

    Happy New Year 2017!

    A blessed new year everyone!
  5. Diane Marie

    Destiny Trio wishes everyone a Merry Christmas.

    Merry Christmas Everyone!
  6. Diane Marie

    Light vs Darkness

    I wonder if Sora will get to fight against Vanitas in KH3? We'll just have to wait and see.
  7. Diane Marie

    A Ray of Hope.

    A quick doodle to celebrate the newest KH2.8 trailer! So hype for it! X3
  8. Diane Marie

    Aqua's Guardians.

    just a random doodle of Aqua with the trio.
  9. Diane Marie

    Group Huggies!

    My KHUX Avatar with her close friends. I got bored....Hehe....
  10. Diane Marie

    Roxas and Papyrus

    Here's an old crossover doodle I did with KH and Undertale. I love this two games!
  11. Diane Marie

    The Silent Protagonist (KHUX)

    Here's my sketch of my Kh UX Avatar. I'm so hype for Kh2.8!
  12. Diane Marie

    Beauty and the Beast Official Teaser Trailer!

    oh my gosh! it looks beautiful!! TvT
  13. Diane Marie

    KHBBS Artwork

    Just a new doodle i did with the bbs trio and my doggy oc with them too.