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  1. Hey, you! I remember you! I read a post of yours here a while back! You're from Puerto Rico, huh? I live there, too! It's pretty awesome knowing that there's another Puerto-Rican Kingdom Hearts fan in this site! :3

  2. My contest entry for the contest! Ah...I love Aqua.... Made in Photoshop & Paint Tool Sai Click here if you want to see it on my Deviantart!
  3. THEY BETTER BRING CUSTOMIZATION FOR KH3 Oh god but im crying of joy by JUST seeing the fact I can customize aqua, my queen I can't wait for it to be january 24th!!!
  4. Goodness-- I can't tell how hyped I am for this game! I'm getting it digitally because...Game Stop left us in the dust for us Puerto Rican gamers-- I just wanna play as my beautiful Aqua again...
  5. I really do hope they make 2.8 available for digital download in the west too...it's gonna be hard to get because Game Stop literally fled out of Puerto Rico Oh well, i always have walmart/best buy/toys r us lmao
  6. Honestly I loved everything, but man was the 0.2 BBS Opening amazing! I can't wait for the game to release!
  7. Honestly this got me into a pinch on choosing between PS4 and Switch because now the NS has UE4 Support and that's the same Graphics Engine KH3 uses so I seriously need to know if they are gonna be releasing KH3 for the NS @_@;;;
  8. ((Description taken from my deviantart. If you want to see this drawing in Deviantart click here.)) Boy I can't wait for Kingdom Hearts 3... Well honestly while I was working on some storyboard for GUARDiAN I wanted to do a drawing based on Project Sonic 2017 that was announced in the 25th anniversary party some time ago. I honestly struggled to make a dynamic, cool looking drawing buuuuuuut...I couldn't- I ended up doing Sora with his KH3 outfit.Totally makes sense-- I can't help it-- I'm hyped for so many things i mean Pokemon Sun & Moon is looking great, Kingdom Hearts 2.8 and Kingdom Hearts 3 are things that convinced me to get a PS4 besides Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, and Sonic Mania + Project Sonic 2017 has really gotten me hyped! But i've mostly been thinking of the Kingdom Hearts franchise (thanks to Kingdom Hearts Unchained X in the most part) that I really want to know how the Xehanorth saga will end. I know i will get around a drawing for Sonic 17'...but that would be when I get an idea-- for now, i have to work on GUARDiAN! A funny thing about this drawing is that it was that i sketched out a doodle of it-- starting with his face. I also was trying to go around with the shading too and use the lineart color to add something to the shading. I used the sky colors to make that little blur effect...especially in his hair but that's just me messing around with things. I like it in my opinion~. Also the eyes were a little play with styles. So I hope you like it! -KthTheArtist

    © Art by KthTheArtist. Character belongs to Square Enix.

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