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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.
  1. Nice analysis! Congrats! Obs: Terra-nort doesn't remember who the Lingering Will is because he lost his memories after the fight against Aqua in the end of KH BbS.
  2. I wanna see Terra to be sure he's model got upgraded from 0.2 (I know it's been but always good to have the confirmation haha)
  3. I hadn't thought of it till reading this survey, but now something that seems to me very possible is a mixture of all worlds. Remember in the age of fairy tales as the worlds were just one and them it got "separed" with the clash of the Keyblade War? Well, by the ending of KH3 we could return in some way to that state. Visiting a world made up by all worlds. And we could not see just KH3 worlds, but parts or known scenarios frow past words. That would explain why it is Nomura's favorite world... Because it's simply all worlds. He doesn't need to choose from the list rsrsrs
  4. I'm betting on being playable. First, It really is the leaked list. Second, we have story reasons to go there (Meleficent could try invade the castle again, Mickey might have some copy of the Book of Prophecies in the library, etc). Third, it's a nice "castle themed" world, different enough from Kingdom of Corona and Radiant Garden. In fact, I should say it may be the third "princess world" as Queen Minnie could be a new princess if heart.
  5. Where's that amazing traditional drawing from Nomura for the KH anniversary????
  6. I"ve been having these weird thoughts lately... Good Evening, people, I'd like to share some things I've been thinking about Union X. I don't think any of this I'm gonna tell you is to become true, but anyway I believe it's a pretty interesting alternative way of seeing the role. Everybody asks why Ven is in the Age of Fairy Tales. Well, what if he is not? What if those recent happenings we see are in the same age of Sora and pals? Many of us believe the realm of Unchained X/ Union X is the realm of sleep. Ven have been sleeping since the end of BbS and at the end of DDD we saw him smiling about Sora with the dream eaters. Maybe that's telling us something. When a world is dreaming, it repeats the same "story" time and time, in a infinite cycle till it gets awake. What is the dandelions were sent into this realm and never got awaken again? The world could have been restored without them, or it dosen't even got completely vanished. Maybe the way we see in the series (original) is the consequence of the Keyblade War. The dandelions are supposed to restore it to the way it was before - all the worlds united by one great light, one world. I don't remember when, but I'm almost sure of a interview with Nomura which he told the content supposed to be in BbS Volume 2 was shown in the games after it (DDD and obviously 0.2, possibly 3), but what about KHUx? When I look at 0.2, and think how to make a completely game in the realm of darkness with just Aqua, I can't see that many of content (although just for the scenario it would be awesome). What if the game was supposed to have three playable characters again? The same trio of the original BbS? We could see Aqua in the realm of Darkness, Terra/Xehanort researching about the hearts (what misterys could we see from that? Should be pretty interest a prologue like that) and, finally, Ventus in the realm of sleep, where he is in Union X. Well, what about Lauriam? That a something I can't even imagine. But maybe Xehanort have discovered something (remember the possible Terra part of the game), he already know about the champber of awakening, but can't reach it. He could have contracted a assassin to infiltrate the realm and the dandelions. What are they planning? No idea! That would explain why Lauriam seens a little younger but not that much (at the maximum 10 years). Now, about Ven looking younger. That's another theory. Observing Nomura's most recent draw of the new union leaders and Ven sitting at the side of Chirity, I do belive he is the sleeping worlds as a Dream Eater, in the same way Riku was in DDD. Riku's hair has gotten shorter, when they had turned back in the time at the start of the game, he was his usual KH1 character, but in the sleeping world he got a hair cut. Same could had happened with Ventus. Should be interesting, huh? To reforce this theory, we saw the Maleficent of our time within the "X realm"... Could that be something happening during KH3 when she entered the realm of dreams? Sorry for the long post, and mainly for the english mistakes. I'd like to know what you guys think. Have I got too crazy? Hahahaha
  7. I should say we're gonna see Castle of Dreams, Dwarf Woodlands and Enchanted Dominion pretty sure... but also I bet at Beast Castle, since it's another pricess world that has fallen into darkness, and Destiny Island as well. Also, I'd bet in a sixth one (the last and the great surprise of the game)... Daybreak Town.
  8. Here's my list:Original KH Worlds: - Twilight Town; - Radiant Garden; - The World That Never Was; - Castle Oblivion; - Mysterious Tower; - Destiny Island (but, in fact, I don't believe it would be a playable world, just shown in cutscenes. The same is valid for TWTNW and Mysterious Tower) ; - Keyblade Graveyard. - Maybe a completely new world. Disney's Worlds: - Olympus Coliseum; - Kingdom of Corona; - Big Hero 6; - Treasure Planet; - Frozen; - Wreck it Ralph; - Agrabah; - Toy Story; - Monster Inc.; - Brave; - Bug's Life. - Disney Castle; - Atlantis. That makes a amount of 18 playable worlds... I believe it's a nice number since we know it'll be more than in KH2. obs: I'm not sure about The Jungle book cause SE always try to make different kinds of worlds... This time we already have Corona and Mount Olympus which will be like open forest's areas. And if they put a Brave world, it would be another one. So.... I haven't included 100 Acre Wood but i'd like it to return. Mainly if now we got Ephalant (not sure if that's how it's written) as a new character.
  9. Maybe someone can answer me this... Why when Xehanort returned in KH3D he was at his original form (the old and bald one) if when he was turned into a heartless and created his nobody, he was Terranort? Wasn't supposed to be the same Xehanort, the apprentice, to come back?
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